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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Blog written by Janine (Owner of Hairroin Salon)

I was in las Vegas doing a go daddy commercial for my client Danika Patrick (super star race car driver). the job had both its ups and downs as well as its challenges and firsts for me... My first time doing a full color ,baliage, haircut in an RV van. pictured you can see me shampooing out Danika hair

.... challenging with a spitting shower head to say the least. the cut and color were successfull. On to the the shoot, which was outside with 40 mile an hour winds and 45 degrees. Needless to say long thick freshly washed and curled hair was no match for the wind. Poor Danika was being attacked by her own hair the entire 6 hour shoot!
day 2: we shoot a casino scene. thankfully no weather issues to deal with . bellow pictured is the scooter Carleen Danika and my self hijacked from the other go daddy girl , and also one of my favorite clients Candice Michelle(wwe diva ) who broke her foot only days before. now I'm not a huge fan of Vegas but if your gonna do it... do it on a scooter! hair on the go is always an adventure. but i miss my Hairroin the second im gone.

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