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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shear Genius season 3

February 3rd Shear Genius season 3 starts! starring Hairroin's very own, Janine Jarman!

we can't wait to see it! everyone root for Janine!


Friday, December 4, 2009

infinate beard

blog written by Viv (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

when facial hair gets out of hand.


Friday, November 13, 2009

janine's interview with

as seen on

Hollywood Style Awards How-Tos from Janine Jarman

By: Kerri Lee

Janine Jarman, from the hip and trendy Hairroin Salon on Hollywood, CA knows a thing or two about what’s hot and what’s NOT in hair and fashion! She’s one ofSebastian Professional’s “it-girls,” and she recently got to present 90210 vixenJessica Lowndes with the “Breakout Style Visionary” award at Hollywood Lifemagazine’s Hollywood Style Awards in Los Angeles.

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“We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of this year’s Hollywood Style Awards and to present Jessica Lowndes with our ‘Breakout Style Visionary’ award,” said Reuben Carranza, Director, NA Professional Salon, P&G Salon Professional prior to the event. “All of the people presenting and nominated are the visionaries who help influence and shape what’s next in fashion everyday, so we’re in great company.”

Sebastian Professional was backstage helping keep the stars’ tresses red carpet ready all night long. Partnering with the stylist team from local Hollywood salon, Hairroin Salon, the Sebastian suite was stocked with the latest haircare must-haves for onsite touch ups and styling. Jarman has provided us with some simple how-tos for you to recreate these young starlet looks just in time for the holiday season!

Jessica Lowndes’ Smooth and Sultry Pony:
1) Prep wet hair with Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème styling mousse. Blow dry and wrap dry the entire head so hair lays soft and smooth.
2) Create a center part, with a rattail comb for dramatic division.
3) Emulsify a dime-sized amount of Sebastian Professional Matte Putty and begin smoothing the hair back with hands and a soft bristled brush.
4) Fasten ponytail just above nape with a hooked rubber band for maximum grip.
5) Finish with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity to tame wisps and flyaways for a sleek and sophisticated ponytail.

The Style Siren--Kim Kardashian:
1. Prep wet hair with Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte for thermal protection and lift.
2. Using a paddle brush, and over directing, completely blow-dry hair.
3. Using a 1-inch barrel iron, curl sections of hair in the same direction, towards the face.
4. Spray each section with Sebastian Professional Shine Define hairspray for flexible hold and additional heat protection.
5. Tuck the “camera-side” hair behind the ear and fasten with two bobby pins.
6. Apply a drop of Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss to palms and run through ends of hair.
7. With a soft brush, brush all of the curls together for smooth, sensuous waves.
8. Finishing with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity for weightless hold.

Katie Cassidy’s Chic Chignon
1. Start with dry hair and a tight, smooth ponytail at the top of the head.
2. Set hair with a 1-inch iron, spraying hair with Sebastian Professional Shine Define for heat protection and hold.
3. Clip curls aside until they’re cool .
4. Unclip and smooth and polish each curl with a dab of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber for touchable, malleable texture.
5. Pin weft to ponytail for added height, drama and size.
6. Arrange curls looping in and out of one another, and fasten sections with bobby pins around the weft.
7. Finish with Shaper Fierce for maximum staying power and Sebastian Professional Halo Mist for weightless shine.

Beachy Babe Lauren Conrad:
1. For root volume, prep wet hair with Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème and blow dry using a round brush.
2. Spray dry hair with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity for light, flexible hold and then wrap-curl hair with a 1 ¼-inch iron.
3. Pull ends of hair down as you curl to stretch the curl out, and reverse direction every time for casual, natural curl.
4. Apply Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber to braids for textured control.
5. Section two front pieces of hair at eye-level, behind each ear, and braid to back of head.
6. Fasten the two braids to back of head with a small clear rubber band.
7. To finish look, distribute a nickel-sized amount of Sebastian Professional Matte Putty through the ends to keep the look light and “beachy”.

An-ya’s 60’s Throw-Back
1. Apply Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam to wet hair and blow dry.
2. For a “foxy blowdry”, twirl hair sections around a round brush and let cool for a slightly curly blow out.
3. Once dry, part hair from ear to ear and backcomb at roots, over-directing the hair.
4. Fasten parted sections in the back of head with bobby pins.
5. Spray Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper to finished look for humidity-resistance and lasting hold.
6. For celeb-worthy shine, spray with Sebastian Professional Trilliant for a look that rocks.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Michelle Williams in Vogue

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I am loving Michelle Williams new edie sedgewick-esque haircut in this month's Vogue magazine. I can't wait till a client brings in this photo as a haircut referance, i feel so inspired.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

what do you guys think of the hair from Alexander Mcqueen's spring runway show? would you wear your hair like this?


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hollywood Life Style awards.

blog written by Janine (owner of Hairroin Salon)

getting interviewed backstage.

Sarah gives me a touch up backstage

presenting on stage

walking the red carpet

the Hairroin Team backstage

red carpet.

I had the chance to present an award at the hollywood life style awards. it was overwhelming, fun, and a first for me. Sebastian made hairroin a part of this special evening. Dalina , Sarah, Irene and Heather were back stage holdin down the gifting lounge. The hairroin ladies fixed allot of hair and made a ton of great contacts. we promoted halo mist ... a wonderful light weight shine spray made by Sebastian, as well as Sebastian's micro web fiber a new and fun product that adds texture and helps with your finished style, and of course, my favorite Sebastian product: shaper zero gravity light weightless hair spray love love love. hairroin Lady's spruced people up and handed out champagne Friday flyer's hairroin bucks and stickers.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Janine, Natalia Fabia and Darla Teagarden photoshoot at Hairroin Salon

blog written by Janine (owner of Hairroin Salon)

I Did this shoot the other day at Hairroin salon. Natalia Fabia is the pink fawn, Winter rose bud (designer extrodinar) set the entire thing up. Noel nichols on make up and. Stevie(darla tea garden)... Who I just adore. Shot the thing. We shot the entire thing in a few hours after closing. So much fun! I love doing fun shoots with my peeps!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wedding bliss

Hairroin's makeup artist, Noel Nichols, just started a bridal blog.
please check out her blog, and let any brides-to-be you might encounter know!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janine gives Linda strawberry a purple do over and gets interviewed.

Hairroin Fix
How cool is Hairroin? Arguably Hollwood’s hottest salon, it’s our go-to source for the raddest fads. Owner/stylist Janine Jarman shares the newest of the new: gradient color. "What’s wonderful about this look is that it works for men or women, conservative or avant-garde. We take a dark base color and add or one two lighter gradients for a natural transition that looks so much fresher than the patchy color we’ve seen in recent seasons."

The technique is key: Janine and her staff use brushes- no foil- to add dimensional color from root to tip. "This works for more natural looks; for instance, a dark brown to lighter blonde- as well as for high-fashion looks, such as a deep purple to lighter purple for a modern, Eastside look. This transitional technique also works equally well for long or short hair, and our clients are loving the change from the cascade of highlights that were more prevalent last year." What’s more, "this works perfectly for our present economic situation; the gradient color grows out without the demarcation lines we see in perfectly placed highlights."

For men, the look is "modern military": short on the sides with a super-versatile swatch of hair up front. "This can be fauxhawked, slicked to the side, or textured with the right cut and product," Janine promises. Her favorite? Sebastian’s Professional Craft Clay, a remoldable matte texturizer crafted to naturally hold hair at the roots (and such an advance from the molding products of yesteryear).

Similarly, women can look forward to a "structured bob with a heavy, full fringe" (think Linda Evangelista’s current look). I like to call it a ’beachy bob," smiles Janine. "With this cut, the hair can dance between three levels of tone, with a much darker shade underneath for a thoroughly modern feel." For long-haired women, the best looks contains "exaggerated levels, with an asymmetrical cut: chin-length on one side, longer on the other, to best complement a woman’s face." Here, too, the gradient colors fades out from dark to light, with up to three tones if the hair is long enough for this very fresh effect.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

mad for plaid

Hairroin Salon's staff will all be wearing plaid for the Saturdays of September, join the fun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Patrick styles Arianne Zucker for the emmy's.

blog written by Patrick (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

For Arianne Zucker’s Daytime Emmy look, I started with Sebastian Thickefy Foam at the root and Stylixir through the ends. I gave her a classic Hairroin Foxy Blowdry. Then using Haute Hollywood Locks I enhanced her length. I shampooed and preset the extensions on one inch bender rollers for a soft natural curl pattern. As I put the extensions in I used an Enzo Milano conical rod to blend the extensions with Ari’s hair. The end result is a voluminous cascade of soft curls.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mad Men.

blog written by Marcy (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Macy's Passport Fashion Week

blog by Marcy (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)
Janine and I are off to San Francisco to do the Macy's Passport Fashion show next week . Then we will be bringing the whole Salon Hairroin team together for the Southern California version. We are doing two days in San francisco and two days in Los angeles. We are taking over from di Pietro Todd salon in San francisco. They have done this show for 7 years and are passing the torch to us. This is a giant show for us. This show is a fund raiser for AIDS. They have raised millions for the cause in the last 10 years. Despite budget cuts the show will still go on! As a hair dresser we have a big job ahead of us. We have over 90 models and dancers to prepare and that is not including any talent that needs last min. touch-ups too. We have 5 hours to make the show beautiful. This is going to be really fun and a crazy challenge. I am a excited to see the hair we get to do - I hope for really fun and foxy! My next blog will be all about this and I will include some pics... wish us luck and go buy tickets and check it out!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Molly Burnett from Days of our Lives

blog written by Patrick (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
On set I use Sebastian Thickefy Foam to style Molly Burnett’s hair. This day Molly went straight from set to the red carpet. Molly’s hair was wrap curled on a one-inch iron and then pinned it into an off-center messy bun at the nape. I finished with Zero Gravity hairspray.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Viv celebrates one year of Hairroin.

blog written by Viv (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
This month marks my one year anniversary as a stylist at Hairroin Salon. And it's been one of the best year's ever. I love the stylists I work with and have learned so much from each and every one of them. One of my favorite things about Hairroin is that we are constantly learning, whether it's learning new techniques or just perfecting our current skills. As a salon we also do so much more. We host art openings once every three months, donate services to LAYN and do hair and makeup for fashion shows and photo shoots. I am happy to be a part of such a great, amazing and talented team.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

outreach to Lindsay Lohan

blog written by Beatrice (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I recently wrote a blog about how pretty Lindsay Lohan's hair is.
then i saw this recent photo of her....

i'm taking back every compliment i ever gave her hair.
Lindsay, Dear, please come into Hairroin Salon. I would love to fix you up.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Janine in Modern Salon magazine

I just came across this interview online and decided to post it. This article was featured back in January in Modern Salon magazine. Back in January Janine put together a hybrid of burlesque and hair stage show for Sexy Hair concepts. Nowadays Janine's hair is now long and brunette, and she traded up to working on the Sebastian Professional artistic team, but her interview is still very "janine".

Celebrity stylist, salon owner and founder of Haute Hollywood Locks, Janine Jarman teams up with Kitty Burns and Tristann Ford-Gordon in Sexy Hair’s The Girly Show, a platform presentation with grrl power.

My hair right now: A bright blonde, heavy-fringed bob.

My style: This season, a little Mary-Kate Olsen meets gothic Lolita.

My favorite outfit: My black puffy corset skirt with fuzzy chandeliers that I got in Japan; two white undershirt tank tops with the neck cut out; my Chanel earrings and my Christian Louboutin heels.

The Girly Show’s look: We stay loosely themed with our styles so that we look cute next to one another on stage. This year, we are going to play up the international school-girl vibe, in a fun, fast-paced, costumed, full-out burlesque review of updos and hair styles ranging from Marie Antoinette to punk rock to geisha.

My favorite accessories: Brooches! I have an amazing Anna Sui velvet bow with a magnet dangling from it so you can put whatever you want on it. I have my salon logo on it.

My “play” style: Fun and comfy. I love ballet flats and handmade knit hats. I also have colorful vintage scarves and lots of long necklaces and big bangle bracelets.

I can’t live without: Large plain white V-neck T-shirts and my long black knit sweater with oversized buttons.

My mentors: Donna Federici, former vice president of Sexy Hair, taught me to be fearless, let nothing and no one stand in your way and be sure to help others as you go. Michael O’Rourke took me under his wing and made me a better hairdresser and person. And my grandmas, who have been the voice of reason and a cheer squad rolled into one!

I’m a hairdresser because: I love to see people transform and feel beautiful in their own skin and hair (or hair for purchase if need be). It’s the best thing to feel great about yourself, so if it takes some highlights and bangs to get you there, I’m happy to help.

Why The Girly Show: The majority of hairdressers are women and it would be nice to see girls in the spotlight for a change. I’m so over in-depth hair cut demos from men dressed in black. Last time I checked, I got into doing hair so I could have fun all the time. The Girly Show is about keeping it real, looking cute, feeling great, having a kick-ass time and walking away inspired.


Saturday, August 22, 2009



This Monday night Hairroin Salon will be screening the episode of SHOtimes' WEEDS that was filmed at the salon. The event will be munchie catered by Snackbar and guests will recieve gift bags from Sebastian.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Night Classes

blog written by Doug (Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I just want to give Marcy Harmon (our master stylist/ teacher extraordinaire)
kudos on a great bob class last night.

A few of us in the class "tested" last night on our models. This means that after a few weeks of intense focus on learning a certain way of cutting a haircut through varying degrees of input and help from Marcy-we get to do the cut without the training wheels, and then have Marcy go through it section by section and critique our work with a final pass or no pass. The
3 of us came very close...but no cigar!

Upon checking my cut, Marcy could have easily overlooked one or two minor fixes that I needed to do to make my cut perfect. Proudly, I have to say that Marcy does not compromise the value and excellence of her craft! Where someone else would have buckled and let "good enough" settle,
she upheld her proffessionalism.
Thank you Marcy,
Your my Hero;)


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hairroin is on facebook!

ADD US! HairroinSalon LosAngeles


Thursday, August 13, 2009

kelli's friend zac.

blog by Kelli (assistant at Hairroin Salon)

Hey Hairroin followers!!!!! i need your help! this is not a beauty related blog but just as important. my good friend zac was diagnosed with MS 2 months ago and is fighting for his life. his insurance has dropped him and he needs expensive meds to help him get better! He is an amazing person and is only 26 years old. please send your well wishes, prayers, thoughts whatever it is you do his way. there is also a bank account set up for him to help pay for all his medical needs. if you can donate anything it could help save his life., this is zac's support page go check him out and read his story. also check out to learn more about MS. I (kelli) will be heading home to do haircuts at his benefit. and in his about me on his facebook is the info to donate. and check out his myspace too, he is such a talented musician lets get that guitar back in his hand!!!!! thanks everyone for all your support and thoughts.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

gold vs petker. fashion show

article originally posted on

Jarred Gold and Joshua Petker Fashion show!

The event took place July 30th at Club Social Hollywood- it was a collaboration between Designer Jared Gold and artist Joshua Petker, two humans i really admire! So i was flattered when Jessicka asked me to help host the event along with a ton of other super cool hosts , DJ's and entertainers (see list at Jareds website ). As a host i was required to hang around and drink Mohito's, I thought that could handle that! The only sucky thing was that i forgot to bring my camera with a flash so i only got really crappy photos of the event!!! I appologize in advance-


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

worst hair cities.

this is an interview Janine (Owner of Hairroin Salon gave to

Worst Hair Cities According to Celeb Hairdresser Janine Jarman
Aug 5th 2009 11:17AM
By Carly Milne
Fashion Trends Interviews

Back in the spring, StyleList shared a round-up of the worst hair cities across America, prompting us to seek out a master stylist to share her insights on what makes a bad hair city, and how to combat it.
But before Janine Jarman, a hairdresser with a celebrity clientele and a rockin' Hollywood salon calledHairroin, gave us her insights, she asked what's likely the question most often asked when it comes to bad hair: what's up with Kate Gosselin's 'do?

"I don't know where she's from, but her hairdresser needs to have a talking to," Jarman insists. "I need to have a one-on-one with that hairdresser, because I don't get that hairstyle. A long bob in front, spiky in the back? It's two different hairstyles from the front to the back. I guess it's supposed to be a unique take on the mullet, but in reverse. That's a Midwest mullet."

As for the rest of the country?
There's no arguing with this fifth runner up. "Excessive heat is definitely a factor in bad hair," Jarman explains. "Anywhere that has extreme desert conditions, those poor clients are up against hard conditions. To combat it, they need extra product, regular treatments and serums." Anywhere that has a lot of humidity, whether hot or dry, demands a good anti-humectant, according to Jarman. Her suggestion? "Sebastian's Potion 9 is a really good, lightweight styling product that also offers protection."

Las Vegas
It's not just dry desert heat and wind that makes for bad hair in this fourth worst city. "Being a party town doesn't help," says Jarman. What's the most offensive culprit? Pools. "Chlorine is a huge bad hair factor – it's the biggest hair enemy, because it acts as a mild form of bleach. It inflates the cuticle and roughs it up. You can't just rinse it out, you have to really wash it thoroughly." Jarman says it's worst for blondes because it seeps right into the cuticle and is super hard to get out.

What ruins hair in this third-place town? Pollution. "The same thing that happens with chlorine happens with pollution," Jarman notes. "Hair has a fibrous texture, so in heavy pollution, it's going to get dirty and stained. Plus, pollution, soot and smoke don't just get it dirty, but it can seep in and keep it dirty." How to combat it? Jarman suggests a detox treatment from a product line called Dauvines, which has a leave-in goo that actually removes the pollutants from your hair.

Not only does the wet weather and humidity wreck your locks in this second to last town, but there's a shockingly small amount of hairdressers to choose from. Says Jarman, "They've got a lack of hair lovin'! It's like when you go to a small city with only a couple restaurants – if they're mediocre, where else are you gonna go eat? It's all about supply and demand." As for combating the wetness, Jarman says people need to use some kind of protector to save hair from the elements, like a lightweight leave-in conditioner, or a light serum or potion. "Even if you don't want to style it. Always put a serum or potion to combat heat elements, humidity, and smog," she says.

Corpus Christi
This Texan city had the distinction of being tops on the bad hair list. Heat? Check. Humidity? Check. And another bad hair element to round out the list? Hard water. "Hard water is a killer for hair - you can see what it does on a pane of glass, just imagine what it does to hair," Jarman warns. So how to fix it? "Everyone should be using multiple products: leave in conditioners, anti humectants and the like, so their hair isn't getting filled in with hard water."

So there you have it. You might live in a bad hair city, but at least now you have some tricks to combat it.


Monday, August 10, 2009

mug shots on mopshots

blog written by Beatrice (senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

We've got some new hairstyle photos up at MopShots is a rad site that helps internet surfers find a salon that is doing exactly the hair styles you've been looking for. An idea so brilliant, i wish i had thought of it.

If you are a client of Hairroin Salon, please submit some photos to mopshots, we'd love to see you up on here...