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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hair Trends S/S 2013 Ladies and Gents

Women's Cut and Styles

Bobs and Mid-Length Bobs

Bobs! Bobs! Bobs! Bobs from the 20s and 30s a la Great Gatsby to mid-length bobs reminiscent of the 90s, bobs are back. The great thing? There’s a bob for everyone.

To achieve a smooth sleek look like the original Louise Brook’s Page Boy we recommend using Oribe’s Gel Serum in damp hair and blow drying straight. For super sleek looks flat iron using Trilliance as a thermal protectant and for shine.

“Undone” Ponytails and Buns

The 90s are definitely back and exerting their influence in “undone” looks like these ponytails and buns. Both are worn low on the nape and deconstructed. Use Sebastian’s Whipped Cream in damp hair and blow dry. Spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray on dry hair and secure or pin away!


Undone and romantic, braids are still all the rage. To achieve them, emulsify Oribe’s Rough Luxury Soft Moulding Paste between your hands and run your fingers through dry hair for hold and control. Braid the hair and secure. Use your fingers to pull apart and deconstruct the braid to create the “undone” look. Spray with Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray.

Soft Waves

Fully coiffed, well done waves are relaxing into soft waves. Less done, more casual but still beautiful. Good on everyone from mid-length bobs to long hair and easily achievable with a curling iron.

To achieve this look spray Oribe Royal Blowout on hands and work through damp hair. Blow-dry. Spray Oribe Volumista on individual sections before loosely wrapping around a 1" or larger barrel curling iron. Run fingers through curls to break them up. For a beachier look, finish with Oribe Apres Beach Spray.


Straight across and blunt,

short and shattered,

side swept, long with a rock n roll twist,

there are so many choices for fringe that there's a look for everyone! Great for those looking for a change without committing to a whole new hairstyle. To tame fringe, apply Sebastian Potion 9 to damp hair and blow-dry according to style.

Men's Cuts


That short on the sides, much longer on the top look sported on Boardwalk Empire, the undercut is sticking around. Great for summer because of the shaved sides, these cuts are super youthful and great for wider faces as they tend to elongate the face. Use Oribe Strong hold gel.

"Vintage Charm"

Started with Mad Men and continued with Ryan Gosling (le sigh...) in Gangster Squad, Justin Timberlake in 20/20 Experience and now The Great Gatsby. Structured, sophisticated cuts will continue to be popular. These cuts are great because they can be tailored to work on just about anyone at any age. For strong hold hold use the Oribe Strong Hold Gel and set with the Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray. For a more malleable hold use Davines no13.



Double process blondes have been around forever but we'll being seeing some interesting tonal choices - grey especially!

Bright Colors and Pastels
Ever popular, we'll be seeing new and varied placement of bright colors ranging from full head applications to peekaboo pieces and unexpected color combinations. With such an array of colors and placement options anyone can easily spice up their look!

They say blondes have more fun but redheads know how to heat up a room! Best on those with pink or cool skin undertones, there are a dizzying array of shades to match almost anyone's look and style.

To help maintain your color in between appointments, Hairroin carries a full selection of pigment shampoos and conditioners to keep your color fresh and vibrant. Ask your stylist which one is right for you!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot off the press! Hairroin's own Janine Jarmon spotted in Fox News Magazine's article all about Gisele and her perfect beachy waves.

(Reuters via Fox News Magazine)

"Use a volumizing product to ensure that the waves have lasting power throughout the day or night. Stylist Janine Jarman loves this look because it works on all hair types and flatters the face. “I would wrap dry hair with a volumizing product, like Sebastian Volupt Spray,” before curling, explains Jarman." 

Click HERE for more on how to attain Gisele's effortless style.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#MermaidHair Giveaway!!!

Hey Ladies! Just in time for Summer, we're kicking off our 1st Hairroin Salon Hair Challenge! 

To enter the #MermaidHair Giveaway, simply Tweet @HairroinSalon with hashtag, #MermaidHair your hottest Mermaid hair look! Get creative! Whether it's cut, color or style, show us what you got girl!

The winner will win $60+ in Sebastian Professional Haircare products! Essentials for perfect & healthy hair throughout the summer! Good Luck!!!!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

HairPulse: Spring Trends for May!

Now that April showers are over and the sun is coming back out... People are taking the month of May to get ready for Summer! People want to lighten up, in more ways than one.  It's time to chop those locks to just above the shoulders and add lots of texture as opposed to layers for a loose, do it yourself sort of feel (hey,but don't do it yourself!)


Subtle hues of color that frame the face from that leftover ombré' are a great way to get a new look without a lot of effort. Others are taking their old boring highlights and going bold with bright shades of platinum that really make a statement. 

And for those of you that are just looking for something to switch it up slightly, try a fringe. You may think that you don't have the right face shape or correct size forehead, but there's so many different types whether it be a blunt straight across bang, one that arcs slightly, or one that hits right at the cheekbones that could almost pass as a layer to bring attention to you in just the right way.

Tell us what hair trends for May that you're excited about & follow us on Twitter @HairroinSalon

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hairroin & Woodbury

Check out these sick photos from the Woodbury University Fashion Show!

Hairroin had the pleasure of blessing the 'Neo-Vibes' runway show with fierce & haute hair!

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