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Monday, March 30, 2009

photoshoot for Effie Liu

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I helped my friend F.E put together a photoshoot for her new line of mens clothing. She designed a line of really clean modern looking clothing, scarfs, and a little caplette. I was really impressed to see her finished products! I brought fellow Hairroin addict, Noel Nichols to do some simple mens grooming makeup and i styled model, Matthew's hair. The photographer, Rush is one of F.E.'s friends. It was so nice to have a team of all friends working together! We started our shoot off in Downtown, LA where we took some studio shots against a simple grey backdrop. Our second location was in Silverlake where we shot on the balconies of an amazing old brick building.
I'll update with the finished shots as soon as i get them in. Here are some behind the scenes photos.

me styling Matthew's hair on set.

touching up on set.

mid shoot. this looked very dangerous!

F.E. Liu (the designer) and i


Anonymous said...

what's with the second pic beatrice... did you get the model at the make-a-wish-foundation??

Hairroin Salon said...

haha matthew.
had a great time shooting with you, can't wait to do it all over again!