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Thursday, March 26, 2009

3D nail art

part 1: blog written by Dani (Front Desk coordinator of Hairroin Salon)
So, what happens when you mix Hairroin Addicts and AWSOME mani. pedi's together? You get Marie Nails. Just another one of La's best kept secrets, and trust me, Marie's is just that! The nail boutique, which resembels a cute little house, is employeed with the nicest staff, ever. As soon as you walk in the door, youre greeted by the entire staff, so cute!! You can enjoy anthing from a casual french manicure and pedicure to off the wall glitter acrylic with amazing japanese nail art. Currently, my addiction is a seafoam green nail polish on my hands and toes, and on my pointer fingers, i have an icecream cone with vanilla icecream, and on the other finger i have a cupcake surrounded by multi colored jewels! YES! thats right, i have sweets, on my fingers. CRAZY! Everytime i go to check out a client, people are grabbing my hands asking where i get my nails done, and im constantly passing out their cards. Its amazing just watching the girls sit there and make all these awsome little treats out of gel..This place is my treat to myself every 2 weeks, and trust me, i prebook all my appointments right before i leave.Hm...i wonder what my next design will be, your options are endless..oh the choices!!! So, wether youre looking for a realxing day at the nail spa, or some intense nail art, i HIGHLY recommend Maries, I give you my word, you wont be disappointed! So what are you waiting for .. GO!
part 2: blog written by Shondra (Manager of Hairroin Salon)
No doubt about it...Dani has told the truth. Marie Nails is where its at. For 4 hours a month this is our escape. We get to enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi with the greatest variety of designs amongst the friendliest staff. It isn't easy trying to decide what your fancy of the day, or should I say 2 weeks will be because there are so many awesome colors and designs to choose from. Right now I would have to say my forte is spicing up my usual short natural black nails with a color of choice and design on just one finger. This weeks manicure I decided upon yellow (my favorite color) topped off with a cute black bow with white centers. As for the toes...ALL yellow baby... a nice compliment to my cupcake tattoo on the left foot :-) Oh yea, my manicure is always topped with a gel overlay!! You are practically guarenteed no chipping in between appointments with this, not to mention how SHINY they look!!! There is no saying what I will decide on for next appointment but I can guarantee it will be AMAZING. To take a sneak peek at this wonderful nail art check out the picture of Dani and my this weeks creation and stay tuned for all the updates!!



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