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Friday, March 6, 2009

Marcy's oscar weekend.

blog written by Marcy (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my oscar weekend...
I think los angeles is a crazy place, you can meet the coolest people and go to the craziest parties, then go home and just live a regular life...
I started my weekend on Saturday night after a super busy day at the salon. I went to my friend laser's birthday party at Lucy liu's house in the canyon. It was so fun. Her place is so beautiful and relaxing. A beautiful pool and the tulip magnolia trees I love . Laser is her interior decorator, so her place is off the charts - of course. We just drank wine and hung out for a few hours. Really nice. I didn't want to stay long because I had a busy day the next day- oscar day.
I had two different sets of people to to for the day. One directed Kung fu panda and the other produced a documentory short about the man who witnessed martin Luther king's assasination. I was hopeful that one-if not both would win.
I went to my first client's house and cut and styled john's hair and set and styled his wife. Her dress was amazing- vintage French lace made into a corseted beauty. He was in a tux- of course. I felt like they were all good, so I split to my second client's house...
I got to margaret's house none too soon. Her limo was scheduled to be there in two hours and she needed to have hair, make-up and get dressed. We decided on a version on the fa-bob. Loosly put up with waves. I set her hair and did a mini French twist on the bottom and pulled back a few, but not everything from the front. She went to make-up. NBC was there to do a piece on her about people going to the oscar's for the first time- it was chaos. She was wearing a beautiful black long dress with six inch heels- ouch. She looked radiant. I cried- for real...
I watched the show that night and caught glimpses of my people and got excited. By the end - neither of my people won, but it was still fun to be a part of their cool ass day.

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