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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

meet kelli.

blog written by Kelli (Assistant at Hairroin Salon)

Before Hey guys! My name is Kelli and I'm the newest addition to the hairroin team!!! I'm so excited to be working with such a wonderful and talented group if people. I just moved down to LA from Seattle and I am living the sun! I found hairroin through my cousin who is friends with the lovely and talented sarah merrie. It was her that gave me my fabulous hairroin make over.... Here it is! So happy to be here and hope to see you soon!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

afro cap.

blog written by Simon (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
I found this picture while aimlessly wondering around the internet, and it reminded me me how much i love hair.
hair is the first thing people notice about a person. it can determine what group you belong too, what kind of music you're into. it can tell someone what ethnic background you are, who you want look like, or even how creative you are. it can be a powerful way to make a statement to the world or a private declaration to oneself to try something new. i've seen a lot of great hair and a lot of not so great hair, but i gotta say i love it all. how could we appreciate the triumphs without the inevitable failures?

we watch shows that tell us what we should have our hair like, we ask our friends what they think we would look good with, and we cant wait to have it long when its short and to cut it all off once we get there. with all the preconceptions of what cool is and what is appropriate, there's this guy walking around with an afro baseball cap! how rad is he?! he's giving the middle finger to anyone who think they need to look a certain way to fit in. he's singlehandedly making a statement about personal style while also not making a statement about anything. he's a walking billboard for the "be whatever you want to be" campaign. i wish we were all so brave, myself included, to be able to throw caution into the wind and go with our gut instincts that allow us to break traditions and stand alone as a person

i salute you afro cap guy. for teaching us to experiment with the only "medium" of our body that grows back.

.....i wonder if luis can give me an afro cowboy hat...?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another top 10.

blog written by Doug (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
Here is another list of "characters" with great hair.
Again, this is not a top ten.
But this time I thought it would be fun to do "Live Action" characters
...not at imaginative as I hoped this time images anyways.


1. Edward Scissorhands

2. Dracula (Gary Oldman)

3. Queen Elizabeth

4. Blade

5. Riddick

6. Harry Potter

7. Kid 'n Play

8. Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn)

9. Barbarella

10. Lucy


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

music lover belong at Hairroin Salon

blog written by Vanessa (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)
i want to say what a freakin small world it is,so i have a new client last week and he is super cool hip and a musician and come to find out he used to play in a band that i have made friends with about 4 years ago now was by chance he came to hairroin and he looked at the profiles on the site and liked what mine had to say so what can i say but birds of a feather sort of stuff i dont know but its these things in life that keep it good for me!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Addict of the moment: Steve-O

Steve-O, despite his ultra short do, is very excited about his Hairroin Goody bag of Sebastian products


Friday, June 19, 2009

Luis gets hairbrained with Adam Lambert.

blog written by Beatrice (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

One of our favorite blogs Haironthebrain - a blog full of hairbarained ideas featured a write up of Hairroin's representation of Sebastian Professional at the Young Hollywood Awards and touched up Adam Lambert’s hair at the event.

Luis Payne, a Senior Stylist at the amazing Hollywood salon, Hairroin, represented Sebastian Professional at the Young Hollywood Awards and touched up Adam Lambert’s hair at the event.
I only watched bits and pieces of American Idol this year, but that’s more than I’ve ever watched before. I’ve never been a big fan of the show, but I liked Adam Lambert. He was so different than the other contestants–everyone else on those shows is so safe and boooring. I would much rather have someone over the top and performancey. Scream your head off and wear a full face of makeup. Much better than strumming politely like a second rate John Mayer.
Anyway, Luis wrote about it all on Hairroin Salon’s blog:
I’d have to say the highlight of the evening is when Adam Lambert came to our haircare lounge backstage. The last time I styled his hair was for the Zodiac Show ‘08. Hairroin Salon has been styling hair for this eclectic show for the last several years. After greeting Adam, he quickly sat down for a hair touch up. Adam couldn’t believe we were there and was stoked by our presence. He said it was nice to see familiar faces. I used Sebastian Microweb Fiber in his hair and finished with Re-Shaper.
For you Lambert fans who are looking to get a pompadour of your own, Hollywood Life has the lowdown on how to recreate his infamous ‘do:
Step 1: Emulsify a couple pumps of Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber onto your finger tips.
Step 2: Starting at the ends of the hair, work the elastic texturizer throughout the hair and into the roots.
Step 3: Push hair into desired shape and create separation where needed.
Step 4: To finish the look, spray hair with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray for humidity-resistant, strong hold.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Truth About Angels.

blog written by Beatrice (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Last Summer Reyna, Dalina and I (Beatrice) worked long and very late hours styling hair for a little independant film. I found this article about the film on the BCBG website. enjoy!

Last summer we were approached by a young filmmaking team (Writer/Director Lichelli Lazar-Lea and Actor/Producer Antonio Del Prete) about donating clothes for their first feature, The Truth About Angels ( I didn't know very much about the subject matter of the film, but after meeting the two filmmakers, I was so inspired by their passion for the project that I had no choice but to open our doors and help them get this production moving.

The Truth About Angels is now finished. I got the chance to watch it a few days ago, and I must say, I’m so happy we supported this talented team.

Beautiful and, truth be told, a bit disturbing, the movie lures you into an elite world and takes you for a ride that is sure to stay with you long after the movie ends.

The film doesn’t have distribution yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Right now Lichelli and Antonio have taken their creation on the festival circuit, so I urge you to keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities to see it. In May it screens at the Milano International Film Festival in Italy, where it has been nominated for the Best Editing award.

The film stars Antonio Del Prete, Simon Rex, fashion darling Dree Hemingway and, of course, our son Michael. The Truth About Angels is a beautifully crafted, sexy, sometimes hilarious, thrilling and, above all, poignant piece of work done by two up-and-coming powerhouses. It is such a pleasure to support young, talented artists who love what they do.

See you at the movies!
article from:§ion=fashionfiles&cat=4


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Filthy Rich + Champagne Fridays

blog written by Irene (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Champagne Fridays
Its Friday night. You just got paid. You just made plans to do the 'Cahuenga Shuffle' with your crew, maybe dinner @ Citizen Smith then off to The Room for dancing. Whatever the Friday night agenda is think about the Pre-Party. You could invite your peeps to your place for cocktails, primping and catching up on the work weeks gossip, but lets be honest when multiple girls get ready the place always looks like a tornado of beauty products and fashion accessories blew through.
OOOOOR you could come to your favorite Hollywood Salon...HAIRROIN and sip champagne while listening to our resident DJ FILTHY RICH to get the night's festivities started right.
In case you didnt know, every Friday we start the night off with a live internet show featured on @ 6pm called ' 60 CC's' with host Stevie Ryan where fans can log in and ask our featured guests any beauty or style questions. As soon as we wrap the interview @7pm we start popping champagne, FILTHY starts the music, and Friday Night Blow drys come $25 dollars until 10pm! Come sip some bubbles, get a blowdry and become fans of FILTHY RICH and HAIRROIN SALON. You wont be disappointed.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Natalie Mejia and Stevie Ryan on stickam

Today Natalie Mejia from girl group Girliscious was a guest on Hairroin Salon's 60CCs. Stevie Ryan hosted, and asked her about the rumors going around, the new album and all things Girliscious.

60CCs is Hairroin's live internet show that airs every Friday at 6:00pm. tune in at

Hairroin Salon

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hairroin Salon's Luis Payne Rocks Out Adam Lambert's Hair at the Young Hollywood Awards

blog written by Luis Payne (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

It was such a Pleasure to Represent Sebastian Professional at the Young Hollywood Awards. Sarah, Irene, and I were invited to style the Youth of Hollywood. I'd Have to say the highlight of the evening is when Adam Lambert came to our haircare lounge backstage. The last time i styled his hair was for the Zodiac Show '08. Hairroin Salon has been Styling hair for this eclectic Show for the last several Years.

After Greeting Adam Lambert he quickly sat down for a hair touch up. Adam couldn't believe we were there and was stoked by our presence. He said it was nice to see familiar faces. I used Sebastian Microweb Fiber in his hair and finished with Re-shaper. For the complete "How to" click the link below.

Click here for the "how to" video


interview with Hollywood Life

blog written by Sarah (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)
This past weekend was the 11th annual Young Hollywood Awards! Hairroin teamed up with one of the main sponsors of the event, Sebastian Professional, and sent a few members of the team to get several celebrities ready for the event, and to do touch ups on the stars backstage before they present, or receive awards!

For those of you who don't know about the Young Hollywood Awards, it is an event put on by Hollywood Life annually to honor up and coming young stars. Hollywood Life correspondent Sarah Howard recently interviewed our very own Master Stylist Sarah Merrie about the looks we would likely be seeing a lot of in hair on the red carpet at this event.

Check out the interview below OR visit 's style/beauty section :)

YH Awards Projected Hair Trends
HL - June 5, 2009 1:30:35 PM PDT

The Hollywood Life Young Hollywood Awards are Sunday (woohoo) and we've asked Hairroin Master Stylist Sarah Jenkins to give us the dish on what we'll be seeing this year on the starlets strands.

HL: What are the projected hair trends for the event?

SJ: I predict that we will be seeing hair mostly down at this year's event. Soft textured waves are in - that perfectly disheveled look that suggests a carefree effortless approach to hair styling.

HL: What looks will you be doing on which celebs and why?

SJ: This is difficult to predict as our celebrity clients have a strong sense of personal style and will definitely have their own ideas about how they would like their hair to look. Usually we will decide together on the day of the event how the hair should look depending on several factors, such as her clothing choices and how she will wear her makeup.

HL: How is Spring Style coming through in these looks?

SJ: This Spring's hair styles are mirroring the trends in fashion - in that they are very fresh and unstructured. Nothing seems contrived or too "fussed" over. Please remember however, that things are not always as they seem ;) That "perfectly disheveled" look does take some skill and patience to achieve, and great products to make it last! Personally I love the new Sebastian Professional Texturizer Liquigel. It has great hold but stays super soft and flexible.

HL: What is the hottest Spring hair trend of the moment?

SJ: Extensions! Because so many starlets are wearing their hair down right now, extensions are very common. The challenge in adding extensions is that even if you match the color perfectly, often the difference in texture and reflection (or lack thereof) are a dead giveaway! I like to prep the hair withSebastian Professional Trilliant to add shine and protection for any heat styling that I will be doing, and it helps the hair to blend seamlessly.

HL: How to take the trend from red carpet to real life?

SJ: There are many different types of hair extensions and you can get them to suit pretty much any budget. A great set of clip-in extensions can last you forever (or at least until you change your hair-color). Clip-in extensions are a great way to add length and fullness to your style and are easy to put in for a special occasion, or for every day. You can even use them to add color and give your hair a highlighted look without the commitment of coloring your own hair!

Check back on Monday for event beauty musts and busts.


*interview courtesty : link :\Beauty\20090606\YH-Awards-Projected-Hair-Trends.xml&cat=style&subcat=beauty&pcur=1&ipp=10&pageid=1#YH_Awards_Projected_Hair_Trends

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mopshots dictator.

blog written by Beatrice (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I posted a blog recently sharing my discovery for Mopshots is a site powered through where you can view photo submissions of haircuts instead of just reading other peoples reviews online. I think this site is an excellent source for people who are looking to try out a new salon and are unsure of new salons, but i also love this site to get new haircut ideas. I know clients like to bring in photos of their dream haircuts and mopshots is a great tool for that!

As of last week Patrick (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon) and myself (Beatrice: Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon) have become dictators for the site! this means we get to view and revew all the submissions before they are posted to!
I feel so inspired!

Some of Hairroin Salon's submissions are already up on the site, but i am looking forward to posting many more! If you've had your hair done at Hairroin please submit your haircuts!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday's art show, Bye Bye Birdie

This Saturday Hairroin Salon hosts Vanae Rivera's first solo show in Los angeles.
here are some previous works by Mary and the Machine, and a little bio from the artist
Vanae Mary Rivera
a.k.a. Mary and the Machine

....Vanae Mary Rivera.... Landed with a thud in Santa Barbara by way of Salt Lake City, Utah. (not Mormon yet loved by Jebus) Grew up drawing on paper plates while making tea cups of foil. Conned her way into a one way plane ticket to paradise.... Her obsessive passion for graffiti and any flavor street are began as a teen and has influenced her current work. Her study of graphic design is only interrupter by invites to join in the swirl of art shows. Vanae prefers the raw rattle of a can, a few brushed of India ink and can be found in her warehouse studio, music on eleven, tearing into multiple creations at once. Branding her character Mary and the MAchine, the stenciled statement is true and engaging, well calculated yet straight off the cuff. Mary is on the rise and is showing up all across the globe. The wearable apparel is the slice of Rivera's expression that fans of M.A.T.M. walk away with... Approach with caution, small with sharp fangs..


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Beauty Must Haves!

blog written by Cambria (Makeup artist at Hairroin Salon)

It seems like summer has yet to arrive regardless of how many people are coming into the salon to get lighter hair color. Be it the weather or the economy, it just doesn’t feel like the heat is on. One thing is for sure- when the heat does hit you want to make sure your beauty bay is rightfully equipped.

Here are my top five must haves for summer beauty:

1. Facial Sunscreen. Sunscreen is more important than most people think, especially when the sun is closer to the earth during the summer months. Sun exposure in a car that is usually minimal can become an impromptu tanning session if you don’t protect your face with a good sunscreen. One of my favorite facial sunscreens is from a brand called Korres, called : Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30
A summer delight for broad-spectrum sun protection (UVA-UVB-IR). Watermelon-scented and rich in naturally occurring vitamins, carbohydrates, and amino acids, all working to support the immune system of the skin and prevent photoaging. Paraben free!

If the thought of using a creamy sunscreen on your face drives you nuts, check out Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral SPF 30. It’s a brush-on mineral sunscreen powder that’s translucent and free of talc! Whoopee!

2. Leave in Conditioning Spray. NO DRY HAIR! Sun, wind and pool/saltwater can all take its toll on your beautiful hair. Not to mention the threat it poses to colored hair. Davines, an Italian hair care company makes wonderful products that smell great and work even better. Hairroin Salon actually carries a wonderful product called Well Being Shelter by Davines, that you spray on and leave in to protect your summer locks from all of your fun in the sun. It can also be sprayed on the skin as a hydrating sunblock!

3.No crease, waterproof eye shadow! Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadow is new from the makers of the best-selling Eye Shadow Primer Potion. They’ve made yet another product that locks on to the eyes and never lets go until you want it to. Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadows come in 12 flirty colors with names like Asphalt (sparkling smoky black), and Weeds(silver green), and promise to be waterproof and crease proof for 12+ hours from the patio to the pool. I personally own all of them and LOVE them and the fact they’re whole product line is cruelty free! Layer them under powder shadows to make your lids really pop or wear alone for a sexy glaze of color that’s oh so reminiscent of disco days gone by. I recommend the shade Whipped, a gorgeous apricot gold that looks fabulous on all eye colors and skin tones.

4: Waterproof Mascara! If you guessed this one was coming, you get ten points for being a genius. Waterproof mascara is essential if you want to prevent what I like to call “crack head eyes”(the phrase is very Hollywood appropriateJ). Choosing the right waterproof mascara can be tricky- some are so clumpy that you have to wrestle them off at night, leaving your eyes chapped from the aggressive rubbing of make up remover. I prefer the not so goopy tar-ish ones. Fortunately there are options out there. There are several mascaras that are “tubing mascaras” that actually form silicone and fiber-based tubes around your eyelashes, giving them a waterproof coat of black that is easily removed by simply pulling the tubes off with a wet cloth. If you prefer the traditional formula I’d suggest the newest and greatest waterproof mascara from Urban Decay called Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara. The original non-waterproof version of this mascara is actually a favorite for beauty lovers and became so widely in demand that they created a waterproof version that boasts a paraben-free formula that is cruelty free as well! The enormously plush wand is what a girl needs to get sexy lashes that are as psychedelic as a mini dress. Add that and a formula that boasts conditioning hemp oil and you’re ready to party!

5. You didn’t think I was done yet, not without touching on the lips!!!! Lips are one of the first areas a woman shows her age. As we age, our collagen fibers in our deeper layers of skin break down and become, how can I put this….. worn out! This wearing out is what causes the full and plump look that our skin once had to begin to disappear. Sun is a culprit because it causes damage to those fibers and also can make our skin on our lips appear dehydrated. So always protect and moisturize those lips!!! Sunscreen infused lip balms are everywhere. Pick one up, and try to choose one that has a tint. One of my favorites is actually from a company called Tarte. Their 24/7 Lip Sheer SPF 15 are much like a tinted Bonne Bell chap stick with a grown up texture and kick of gorgeous color. With 9 shades, you’re sure to find one or two to wear this summer. Try my personal favorite- a peachy pink nude called Summer Fling!

Remember: Stay moisturized both inside and out. Protect your skin and hair with a good sunblock or cute hat! Wear a splash of waterproof color on lips, eyes and cheeks. To cut down on the skin cancer risk, try giving self tanner a go as well. Maybe that will be my next beauty blog…. “Get the Best Self Tan and Keep it That Way.” Hmmmmm……ciao!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MTV movie awards.

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I caught a bit of the MTV movie awards last sunday, and was excited to see what everyone was wearing on the red carpet. I didn't watch much of the actual awards show which i will blame partly on the lack of interesting hair styles.
Here are a few of the celebrity's whos red carpet style caught my eye.

Sienna Miller looked adorable as always. I liked her simple disheveled wavy hair and her little sparkly dress.
Nothing too exciting, but very pretty.

Oh Leighton Meester! i love Gossip Girl, and i LOVE the dress you wore to the MTV awards, but i don't love your blonde hair. It was nice to see her step out of the Blair Waldorf character though.

Lauren Conrad went a little bit overboard with her hair extensions...

Megan Fox.
EVERYONE was talking about her hair!
I understand what she was going for with this look, i think she wanted something a little more high fashion, a sort of hairstyle you would see in an edgy couture photoshoot. It didn't come out so well. I would have opted for a slicked back very high ponytail. At least her dress was cute.

Kristen Stewart's look was great. The dress was edgy enough to fit her vampire, Twilight- persona. The converse kept it young. The touseled hair looked easy and pretty.

Christian Serratos, lovely hair.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair, Fashion, and Music

Blog written by Matt (Friend of Hairroin Salon)
There are a few things that go together like peanut butter and jelly; and hair, music, and fashion are definitely some of them.

Today I heard a song that always makes me happy, Peter Bjorn and John's - Nothing to Worry About... This song has such a happy go lucky weekend vibe to it, that if it doesn't put you in a good mood, then you may need to check your pulse. After I heard this song today I decided to look it up on youtube to see what the video looked like as I had never seen it before.

To my suprise I see one of the greatest blends of hair, fashion, and music I have ever seen. Japanese/mod/greaser/biker/punker/rocker/american/Michael Jackson-esq circa 1985 themes. (did you get that?)

First scene, great use of flat iron, hair dryer, brush, hairspray, gel, and hand mirror...SICK pomp on this dude. Not to mention the rest of the hair in the vid. Thumbs up and happy friday.

Here it is:



Monday, June 1, 2009

Cartoon Hair

blog written by Doug (Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I made a list of characters that came to mind today when I thought of hair.
This list is not a "Top Ten", however I encourage each of you to google images of these characters and have fun;)
This is simply:

9.Betty Boop

8. Tank Girl

7. He Man

6. Jem

5. wonder Woman

4. Shaggy (and Thelma)

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Aeon Flux
1. the hair brained bunch