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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Growing out a Pixie!

-Zachary Kilian

 After being inspired by the likes of Michelle Williams, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway. There's been a surge of daring young girls requesting dramatic short dos. Many go on to maintain the look for awhile, but for most they seem to hit a short hair wall and make the decision to grow it out.

The grow out process can be uncomfortable. And while you will need a lot of patience to power through it , you can take a few steps to help you along the way. You should schedule a cut at the beginning of your grow out to tighten up the back and debulk the sides, helping you avoid the bubblehead look as it grows. After initial cut, you should pop in regularly for neck trims, this will keep you from getting a mullet look and help maintain a more flattering shape. Also get creative with styling. Add a bit of texture or wave to change it up. Throw on a head band or strategically placed bobby pins to create a more dramatic look. Just remember to have fun with it and keep in keep in mind that your hair is constantly growing.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bobs are Back and Hotter than Ever!

By Zachary Killion

Slipping away are the days of unkempt beachy hair,and style mavens everywhere are turning back to the crisp, clean, fun, classic bob to highlight their best features.

The look can be customized for anyone desiring a change. A fringe or soft layerying may be used to create a more flattering silhouette for your face shape. Consult with your stylist to determine the best look for you. 

Also keep in mind, there's more than one way to style your new cut. While a smooth sleek finish really accentuates the shape of the bob, don't be afraid to add a little texture. Throwing in a soft wave or curl easily transforms the look from sleek and sexy to fun and flirty.   Or comb and smooth those waves out for an elegant retro vibe.

Do keep in mind that it is a commitment, and you should be prepared for the new look. Maybe even go as far as taking a trip to a wig store to actually try on a style similar to what you want. There's also an array of computer apps that allow you to upload your own photo and effortlessly try on different styles to help determine if the look suits you. The more you know the less likely you are to suffer from a bout of cutters remorse.

Check out more on Bobs in this article Zachary was a part of:!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keeping Your Color

Dye jobs can look AMAZING as soon as you step out of the chair, but without proper care, fading can happen quicker than you'd expect. Here are some salon secrets to keeping your color as long as possible!

The first most important is having a good color safe shampoo or a shampoo made specifically for color treated hair. At Hairroin we carry a bunch of different products that help prevent your color from fading. 

For example we have Orbie for beautiful color shampoo and conditioner or the Davines NouNou for color treated hair. But if your color tends to fade faster then normal we even have special shampoos with a slight tint of color to refresh your color every time you wash. 

Davines has a line of tinted shampoos and conditioner in three shades - one for red, brunette and a violet to keep your blonde as bright as possible. Also, we have a new line of conditioners called Fabuloso with shades to satisfy just about every color client. 

Besides using good products to keep your color fresh another good tip is to try not to wash your hair as often - when you do, make sure to use cooler water. The cold water closes your hair's cuticle making it harder for the color to escape.