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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Win a free makeover

Win a free makeover at Hairroin Salon!

Submit your photo and what you are willing to do with your hair in an email to

We will be filming the makeover for our live internet show, 60CCs every Friday night on


Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

part time model.

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Marcy usually cuts my hair, and i trust whatever she does. Last year she cut my hair into a sort of bowl cut bang that touched my eyelashes- very cute. We took some photos of that haircut and entered them into a National competition for hairstylists hosted by Davines products. She won the comepetition and went on to compete in Barcelona at the World Wide Hair Tour!
This year, we decided to test our luck again and take some photos of my latest haircut. Our photoshoot took place at my downtown loft and was shot by Steven Barston, a good friend and extremely talented photographer.
We decided on a sort of Twiggy look, with a much more modern haircut.
the inspiration:

our shot:

my hair:

cross your fingers that we will win again this year!


Friday, April 24, 2009

college sundays

Sundays we are offering a 2 for the price of one special on haircuts for college students! so bring your dorm mate or study buddy in for a haircut with you and make them pay while you reap the benefits! hehe

Hairroin Salon

Thursday, April 23, 2009

men's accessories

blog written by Patrick (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)
Accessories can make or break your look. It’s important to consider appropriateness and quantity. I personally don’t think you can have too much, but I am frequently vetoed. Guys are getting more opportunities to flair. Everywhere you go there are new men’s accessories. Guess always has an interesting collection, as does Urban Outfitters. I personally favor vintage, one of a kind and artisan pieces. I started my collection in my parents’ cast offs. I still have some great things that I stole from my dad, like the shotgun tie bar. Then I started combing garage sales, estate sales and flea markets. As I developed my personal style, I started scouting galleries and art shows for artisan items.
(Check out the watermelon tourmaline ring in the pics)

One rule I have is that the more unique and distinctive a piece is, the more likely it should stand alone. Simple chains and beaded necklaces layer easily (fig. 1) but larger ornaments look best as a showcase item. I’m also a big fan of multiple bracelets but can rarely pull off more than five at a time. A ring on every finger is overkill but don’t be afraid to pile on three or four at time like my friend, actor Darren Brooks (fig. 2). The most important thing about accessories is that you be comfortable in your skin and that your “stuff” doesn’t inhibit your ability to work. That said, pile it on… this is LA after all.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lace rings.

blog written by Shondra (Manager of Hairroin Salon)
My new favorite item at the salon...these vintage rings by Carlee Santereli. They are made from 100% Brass and they are decorated with vintage lace on the inside. They are elegant and ornate. They come in with a variety of lace colors including gold, pink white ect... I favor the black one myself. They are versatile and perfect for a dressy occasion or to dress up any casual outfit. They have been featured in many magazine including Instyle, WWD and Lucky to name a few!! The cost is $45 and 100% worth it!! Get them while they last!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


blog written by Marc (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

A client friend of mine by the name of Andrea, turned me on this article on how society is pinching their pennies in more ways than usual. Think about all the times any of us have spent in a therapist's chair venting, crying, trying to search for those answers to life and after a 3 hour session and $400 later, we ask ourselves is it really worth it? Well in these tough economic times people are turning to different alternatives to healing their woes. When women and even men sit in the chair at the salon they are getting more than just "getting their hair did." In recent months clients whether it be in the hair salon or at a day spa getting a massage, people are opening up themselves more than before. Whether its a relationship problem, work or finances we (hairstylists) are definitely a lot more aware of this recent trend. Personally I think its fantastic that clients are trusting us in the customer service industry with more than just an awesome hairdo, but of course whatever happens at Hairroin stays at Hairroin.


Monday, April 20, 2009

bad ass hairspray.

blog written by Vanessa (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Sebastian ReShaper Hairspray.
I love this on damp hair?? ya i know it sounds crazy, but its awesome for that super wild blowout! Use it with heat like a blowdryer and round brush or curling iron for tousled movement. I use it to scrunch hair too... yes i did say scrunch hahaha

Friday, April 17, 2009

60 cc's

blog written by Beatrice (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
here are some of the videos from Hairroin's online show, 60 CC's.
Todays show was hosted by Stevie Ryan and Robin Antin

tune in every Friday at 5:00pm to watch live!

Sylvia Ji

blog written by Janine (Owner of Hairroin Salon)

Sylvia Ji is a kick ass artist! Sylvia just had a show sat night in culver city, the line was out the door! Rightfully so, Sylvia is a client of mine and a large source of insparation. i have a few of her prints and well as an original. i did a photo shoot with makeup artist, Noel Nichols inspired by her sugar skull foxy lady paintings.
Dalina from hairroin has a tattoo of one of her paintings. I am definately a fan of silvia ji... i love how she draws hair, captures the essence of a woman... and is just all around a kick ass artist! so do yourself a favor and check her work out

my photoshoot inspired by Sylvia Ji's artwork.

Dalina's tattoo

Hairroin Salon

Thursday, April 16, 2009

bargain style

blog written by Marcy (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

My very favorite thing to do in the whole world is thrifting. On our drive up north, we got to stop at a few stores. I looove thrift town. It is in northern California and one in vegas. They are a little bit like savers. Anyway, we stopped in one I'm San pablo and I scored some xtra cute gold owl glasses-8 of the. Solo cute. Then we went to a hospice thrift store in placerville and we found 3 new chairs- one vintage modern, one from the 50's and one wood folding chair with a knealing thing on the back, I think for a catholic priest or something- but its cool. I got two 70's hawaiian dresses. So cute.
anyone who goes thrifting knows you win some and you loose some- this time I won for I'm on the look out for some red wing dishes in the lute song or Tampico pattern... Let the collecting begin...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a walk on the beach.

blog written by Reyna (Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I helped Luis with the 2nd part of a photoshoot job, It is for a cosmetic packaging company who is refining there image.
I went to our model, Vonda's house. She live in a gated community in Newport. I got lost getting there. Stupid maps told me to turn on a street that didn't run through. So I was stressed and a lil late getting there. I feel like I always get lost.
I got set up hot to work. Luis and Dana the photographer were very organized and had looks and story boards so it was easy.
I smoothed out Vonda's hair, it was still a little damp. Then I wrap curled everything going the same direction. Did not pin anything because we wanted pretty soft waves. Nothing that looked done or stiff.
The girls on make up were super sweet. They did a great job. Kept it a lil Smokey and sexy but nothing crazy.
Vonda changed into her dress then we were off to meet Dana at the beach. We car pooled over.
Vonda has two kinds and a husband that came along to enjoy the fun a photo shot.
Dana was all set up ready to go by the time everyone else arrived. She worked fast, I think we got what we were looking for. Vonda looked gorgeous on the beach the day was beautiful out.
It was a lot of fun, I can't wait to do more shots like that in the future. The only pics I got were on my phone. It was a great spot Dana found.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

janine on the red carpet

blog written by Beatrice (Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Here are some photos from the fashion show for What Goes Around Comes Around, the Vintage store on Cahuenga by the salon. Hairroin Salon did hair for the models and Janine (Owner of Hairroin Salon) walked the red carpet.

nicole richie

Janine Jarman

Audrey Kitching



Monday, April 13, 2009

home sweet Hairroin

blog written by Marcy (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I'm just driving home from my San francisco work trip. Aaahhh i5. So I work in San francisco for a few days every two months at a salon called cowboys and angels on union square. I love the crew there and the city is still an amazing place to me. You can dress however you like and even if you look crazy someone will give you a compliment. No joke. You can walk everywhere and you'll see something beautiful. I stayed with my friend michelle's in the mission. I got to drink coffee at fays video store and coffee shop and get croissants at tartine. Delicious! We ate at delfina and had bi-rite icecream. It doesn't get any better than salted caramel ice cream.
working at cowboys is always a good time. The stylists are really talented and fun to bearound. David just got back from australia and he was working with an agency doing hair and on vacation. I saw some pics - really cool. Brandi just started making hair oil for hair that is super dry and frizzy. I hope she makes enough for us to sell at Hairroin one day... I'm trying to talk some of the staff up there into working at Hairroin part time too. Spread the love I always say...the staff at Hairroin would totally inspire them and vice-versa. We do so many fun things at Hairroin that are not available in San francisco- such as magazine shoots, tv and movies. They would love it!

I miss San francisco- but i found a. New home down here in Hairroin... I'm glad I still get to tap into that one too...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

stevie ryan, reyna, popsicles and photoshoots.

blog written by Reyna (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
I had the pleasure of working with ms. Stevie Ryan.
We started our day, I started on hair. We watched you tube, the crazy pageant moms, entertaining but sad to think that there are parents out there who really need trophies and awards to prove their kids are adorable. I went through and curled all of Stevie's hair. Monica and Kristy showed up shortly after. I kept working as Monica started on make-up.
We had way more wardrobe than we had time to shot, hopefully we can do something again really soon.
We headed to our location, fabric district. Our first order of business was to find something to make a big floppy bow. Next we needed a wall. We found a good wall. There was a nice man that let us use his Popsicle cart next to the wall. We wondered through the different fabric shops, had a great time.


Friday, April 3, 2009

behind the scenes with Reyna.

blog written by Reyna (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
It was a Beautiful day. We all met at Kristy Sparrow's house. She was the photographer for the day. Monica Alverez was doing the make up. I was doing hair. We had wordrobe from B.T.F.L, Art and Brandon. Our models were Zach and Asia.
The day could not have been better. We were running on time left the house to go on location by 11am. Art and Monica kept the laughs going, we all had a great time.
This are some of the shots of the crew and the models.

Hairroin Salon

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Continued Education.

blog written by doug (Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

One of the many things I love about the Hair Industry is that there is so much opportunity for continued education and self growth. I feel very lucky to be in a salon where each individual stylist has a passion
(or obsession) to learn more and understand more about the workings of our trade and apply it to our everyday salon life. I'm proud to know that I can say this without a doubt!

On Monday March 23rd our Salon Hosted a small gathering of educators
from the Sebastian team to share with us different techniques and concepts of cutting hair. Three educators taught and presented their
cuts, concept, and finished product via live models for us. After they presented us with their Gallery collection of styles, we broke for lunch only to come back to live models of our own to practice what we learned that very morning. It was a very intimate and eye-opening experience for us. Each one of our Hairroin stylists took something new and different that they learned and physically applied it to their own skill set and presented their project to the rest of our group when finished.- yeah, we're hair nerds- we tend to geek out on hair!- But we look good doing it and bring it home so you can look good too!