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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hair thinning? Best hair products for follicle minded friends and family

Several hair products that I would recommend to people whose hair is thinning out would be...

Energizing Shampoo by Davines.  

It is made for scalp and fragile, thinning hair. 

I would pair that up with the Energizing Lotion also by Davines in order to revitalize and strengthen the scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. 

I would also recommend the Well-Being Conditioner. It would go hand in hand with the Energizing Shampoo. It is a hydrating conditioner for all types of hair.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Congratulations to Zachary - New Senior Stylist at Hairroin Salon

Zachary has just recently been promoted from Junior to Senior Stylist, let's get to know him a little better...

Q: What was the turning point from junior to senior stylist?

A: Not sure there was an exact turning point. As a stylist at Hairroin we are constantly challenged and encouraged to grow as an artist. My time as a junior was spent fine-tuning and perfecting my skill of hairdressing. We are always working towards a higher goal and achieving the next level. So when I reached the senior level I was ecstatic that the hard work, persistence, and consistency had paid off. 

Q: How many years have you been in the hair industry?

A: I've been a licensed hairdresser for 8 years, with many years of "at home hair" for family and friends before that.

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

A: I've always been fascinated by hair. my uncle is also a hairdresser, and I was obsessed with his cosmetology books when I was a kid. There's always been a need to know more and be better when it comes to hair. So when moving to LA from the midwest, I knew I wanted to work at Hairroin, and everything has just naturally progressed from there.

Q: Greatest hair achievement?

A: So many cool things have happened since I've been a part of the Hairroin team, but I guess the greatest achievements are simple. I love giving a client a haircut or color that they love, and that looks great on them.

Q: What else do you love?

A: I've always been a theater geek. I truly love  the energy and talent that goes into a live production.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

American Horror Story

Yes. I am a horror enthusiast. GOOD and BAD. I love the imagination and fantasy of it all, I'm that guy that screams and yells at the screen "LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!"  I have a collection of movies that would make Rob Zombie air punch..

Last year I became obsessed with American Horror Story along with everyone I know. 

I may or may not have gone to the the Murder house from season one just to see if I could scare myself sick or not.

Not only am I obsessed with the story lines, characters, the key art all over the city, all the beautifully grotesque imagery wait, PAUSE--- the HAIR. The hair on this show is spot on. 

Natalie Driscoll is Key Hair for 12 episodes and is responsible for many of the period wigs. WERK GIRL WERK. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Congratulations to Mateo - new Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon

Mateo has just recently been promoted from Assistant to Junior Stylist, let's get to know him a little better...

Q: When did you first know you wanted to work with hair?

A: I decided to do hair 3 years ago. I was a graphic designer prior to becoming a hairdresser and simply fell out of love. I always was fascinated by hair and figured i should give it a shot and see if it was for me.

Q: How did you get started?

A: I decided to attend The Academy of Toni & Guy in Santa Monica. 

Who has been your Me mentor? What was their greatest piece of advice?

A: I have had several mentors throughout my career. Kealani Redfern is one of them. She was one of my professors In my academy. Also all of my Masters stylist here at Hairroin Salon who have taught me most of what i really know now. They inspire me every day by observing there quality of work, passion and creativity. 
-The greatest peace of advice i have gotten is "Don't Fake it, Make it".

What's your specialty? 

A: I like to think outside the box i am a creative person and often have ideas that are blunt, bold, and different. From short edgy cuts to long lovely layers both women and men but tasteful. When it comes to color i like a more natural approach with a Victoria Secret twist. Brunettes and Blonds are my victims of choice. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

A: The ones I have completed. 

Where do you hope to take this career in 5 years from now?

A: In 5 years from now I would love to be a mentor to others. I would like to be a creative director, and keep pushing my own goals and boundaries. It's a difficult question to answer because there is a lot I want to do in this field. A step at a time.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Best... and the Worst Hair of the 2014 People's Choice Awards

Awards season is just starting and so are the style hits and misses. 


 Jennifer Hudson

Naya Rivera 

Lucy Hale 

Anna Faris 


Melissa Joan Hart 

Ms. Britney Jean Spears