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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Facebook Page for Janine Jarman

WOW!!! What a year so far! Janine was very hesitant to even create a fan page on Facebook in the first place, because being so busy she was not sure she would have the time to keep it updated enough. But with Shear Genius airing and all of the support and love that she has received, she started to see that it would be a good idea. When we first created the page, we used Janine's name along side of the Shear Genius TV title and season, to help fans find her easily. With Season 3 of Shear Genius over, we have created a new fan page for our loving owner Janine Jarman!

Click Here for Janine’s New Facebook Page

Please give it a looksie! Janine will be posting more content, and the page will be updated more often.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Amie Nicole and Heidi Van Horne's "Fit to Rock" DVD Release Event at Hairroin Salon

Fit To Rock DVD that will be Friday May 21st, 2010 at Hairroin Salon located at 1553 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood.  The red carpet arrivals will be from 7-9pm and the event itself is from 7-11pm.

We will have press and photographers on the red carpet as well as other press at the event.  There will be gift bags to the first 100 arrivals.  There will also be a fashion show at 9:30 by Stop Staring Clothing in which they will debut their new line of workout attire.  Other features of the event will include complimentary cocktails provided by Sailor Jerry Rum and a photo-booth also provided by Sailor Jerry Rum. 

The Fit To Rock DVD will be available for purchase for the first time at this event and will be available on Amazon shortly after our release party.  Star of the dvd, Amie Nicole and Producer Heidi Van Horne will be available all night for signing the DVDs.

This event is sponsored by Stop Staring Clothing, Sailor Jerry, and Indulgence Auto Rental.

Heidi Van Horne presents Amie Nicole’s “Fit To Rock: Volume One” Fitness DVD.
Amie Nicole knows a thing or two about fit, rockin’ bodies- from being personal training manager at a top gym to being an established pin up and fashion model for leading commercial clients and publications- looking good and being fit is her business.
In the soon to be released “Fit To Rock: Volume One” Fitness video, she shares her tips on how to keep your body in rockin’ shape, too. The routine is a full body workout, with sections for active stretching, cardio kickboxing, upper body, lower body and abs.
Amie is a certified and degreed personal trainer, recently seen on Discovery Health’s “National Body Challenge”, getting the show’s contestants closer to their fitness goals. She runs her own personal training business outside of Los Angeles.
Brought to you by one of today’s top pin up models and emerging independent producers, Heidi Van Horne has worked with some of the best in the entertainment business and has now taken her experience of almost two decades in front of the camera and brought it to her work as director and producer.
Featuring killer music by female-fronted punk and rock bands like CIVET, Killola, HotLites and Continue the Lie, the soundtrack is perfectly fit to rock you while you work your body. Drawing together elements of punk, pinup, hot rod, rockabilly and rock-n-roll styles, everything from the set to the kickass music to the styling to Amie’s taste in workout partners- make it clear that this is not your average work out video! Look forward to a DVD that is finally a real modern girl’s fun way to get fit!
For the latest info, visit and
As with any fitness routine, be sure to check with your physician before starting any new program.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friday May 7th, 8pm-11pm The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists presents "The Rogue Taxidermy Kunstkammer " at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery featuring Hairroin Sponsored Artist Liz McGrath!

Post written by Mattfromotm

I got an email from Hairroin Salon’s Friend and sponsored artist,
the talented miss Elizabeth McGrath, last night updating me on a few new things that she has going on.

First things first, let’s congratulate Liz and the rest of Miss Derringer on the tour they landed opening up with The Reverend Horton Heat.

Click here for Miss Derringer Twitter, and here for Miss Derringer’s Facebook Page

Also that on Friday May 7th, 8pm-11pm The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists presents "The Rogue Taxidermy Kunstkammer " at the " La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Liz will have a piece in the show along with many talented artists. Check out this line up:


The Show runs May 7th - May 30th

Click here for the Facebook Event Page

Friday May 7th, 8pm-11pm

This event will include a taxidermy demo, followed by Squirrel Chili. A vegan "Mock-Squirrel" Chili will also be available. Sponsored by Schmaltz Brewing Company.
Saturday May 8th 6pm-10pm

4633 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027
Phone: 323-666_7667

* All members adhere to a strict ethics charter. Only animals procured in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner were used, and none of the animals were killed for the purpose of this artwork.
* A portion of the proceeds of this show will be given to a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"The Death of a Blonde" Before and After by Senior Stylist Monique Cardenas

Blog written by Hairroin Salon

We found the most beautiful blog post written about Hairroion Salon's own Senior Stylist Monique Cardenas today that we thought we would share with you all!

The post was written by "Guy's Gal", J. Michelle who is an author for the beauty blog Glow Blog.

Taken from Glow Blog:

" When you’re about to do something drastic with your hair I highly recommend going to someone who’s great with color, has a resume and knows what they are doing. Going to a random person that isn’t familiar with your hair texture and chemistry can be disastrous. Monique Cardenas from Harroin Salon is my go-to hair lady. She has an impressive resume and lucky for me her specialties are bobs and color. After sitting down with her for 2-3 minutes she practically read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted. On a side note, your hair stylist should connect with you and get what YOU want, not what THEY want, then interpret that into something fabulous. The countdown to my hair being saturated with color began. Last chance to back out. I’m not exaggerating when I say that panic mode kicked in. Will it look good? What if it’s not the right color? What if I hate it and want my blonde back? This is where your mental preparation beforehand comes into play and your stylist (or in this case new psychologist) should be right there to talk you through it."

Photos from Glow Blog

You can read the entire blog by "Guy's Gal", J. Michelle titled "The Death of a Blonde, at Glow Blog.