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Saturday, March 21, 2009

LA Fashion Week at BOXeight.

blog written by Irene (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)

This is my first blog for Hairroin salon. My name is Irene .... and I'm a Hairroin addict, master stylist, cancer survivor, voice of reason, chola at heart, product junkie, education whore, urban trend tracker, sneaker junkie, DJ enthusiast, fashion obsessed mad woman who will CUT you or your hair at the drop of a dime. And you will love me for it. Ive been with Hairroin since its conception.
L.A. Fashion week.
Hairroin Salon always represents. Box eight hosted a showcase of fashion that kicked off the week at the stunning Los Angeles Theater. This year we had the opportunity of working with Sonia Vero and J.Gerard. Mr. Luis Payne (this man is brillant) was the key hairstylist who came up with hair looks to compliment each collection.
Sonia Vero was luxury swim/resort wear, and lets face it... in Los Angeles a swimsuit is necessary year round. Weather is pretty consistent here, consistently sunny. Ive spent many Christmas mornings having mimosas poolside. The hair was given a Hairrion signature 'foxy blowdry' set a term that was coined by our hair mentor of coolness Marcy Kim. Then followed by pieceing the hair out to have that rich luxuroius Malibu beach look, not to be confused with the Santa Monica beach look as Mr. Payne put it. I mean if your bathing suit is to expensive to get in the water.. shouldn't your hair reflect the same image. (I told you he was brillant)
The last show of the night was J.Gerard, with a midnight showtime. Since I do my best work around midnight I was pleased when Mr. Payne gave us the 1960's babydoll direction. One of my faves, weather its flowerchild, long straight hair with a middle part, or lots of volume with a full fringe.... Im into it. The models all walked to Bob Dlyan songs that couldnt have been more complimentary. You really got a feel for the collection. J. Gerard was telling you a rock n' roll story. See you next season kids.


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