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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

eye kandy

blog written by Noel Nichols (Makeup artist at Hairroin Salon)

Hey Everyone! This is my first official blog and I am so happy that it's for Hairroin Salon.
Today I discovered the most amazing product from a line called Eye Kandy. They have over 50 colors of their "Sprinkles Glitter", which is a loose glitter that has no metallic or glass. I know a lot of you have gone to the craft store and bought craft glitter for the face but it's not so safe to use around the eyes. You use the "Liquid Sugar" to bond the product to your skin and it goes on like a beautiful, opaque, sparkling wet dream, and stays on all day, no joke.
Now I tend to be the kind of makeup artist who leans toward beauty makeup, but I can't wait for my first opportunity to unleash my inner Diana Ross with the Confetti color on a smokin hot model. Sometimes a girl needs a little Eye Kandy.

Check it out at
And don't be scared off by their ads, when used the correct way the product is phenonmenal.

-Hairroin salon

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