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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wella class

blog written by Reyna (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
At Hairroin Salon we have classes on wed nights. A few months ago we had a color class and the winning team to complete the task won tickets to a Wella class at the studio. Myself, Doug, and Robyn were put on a team together and did the best overall job, including teamwork.
We recently got a chance to attend the class. It was an all day hands on class, Cut and color. We got split in the morning, half did cut, half did color and then we switched after lunch.
I got to do color first. I was so excited. Our instructor was wonderful, Color blending was the color technique we were going to be exploring. Color using the natural shaded of Wella to make natural rich looking color that still has dimension and versatility. First we talked about technique. Two basic concepts were being taught and you had the choice to pick what you wanted to practice. Both techniques required maximum 10 to 18 foils. We got to chose the color placement we wanted to use, keeping in mind we needed to give it a hair cut as well. Doug did the diamond placement, I chose to do the horseshoe placement, I kept it off set. It was really great techniques. They both utilized 3 varying shades of brown to give dimension and movement. First we had to pre lighten the hair (doll heads don’t color the same). The instructor had a wonderful technique utilizing the back of her hand as a balayage board and worked quickly with precision. Hear color placement working with foil had the same concept and she never layed in any hard lines, everything was made to melt and blend. I learned so much in technique. I love that all the concept that were being taught were open for interpretation. Everyone was encouraged to be creative and use the concept to create your own unique look.
Lunch was fabulous then we got into cutting. We stuck to the concept of movement for the cutting as well. Incorporated shape over shape cutting techniques. Disconnection with structure was the focus. Removing weight in the hair so in can move and have a shape that wrapped to the head and balances the features of your individual clients. Precision cutting was definitely the instructors specialty. Classic shapes against drastic lines and other classic shapes. Amazing concepts. Again This theory was being taught and everyone was encouraged to make their own spin on things. It was very inspiring to see what other hairstylist in different areas are doing and being inspired by. I came away with some great concepts. I have been having so much fun utilizing these wonderful bits of information.


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