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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Seduction of the shave

blog written by Luis (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

The shave has Simply Romanced me. Its the glide of straight razor over the chiseled features of a nervous man that invokes a sense of superiority. I think it started with the lack of male attention in my youth. I remember trying hopelessly to get through the passage of Manhood; clutching a plastic blue razor with bloody spit wads adorned delicately across my jaw. I remember trying to understand what razor burn really was. i just knew that shaving hurt, and it was totally annoying having to do it every morning. Then when i rushed the process and shaved with bar soap, i understood all to quickly what the burn of a razor can felt like. Being raised by women has ensured i can hem my own pants, launder my clothes, and prepare a Hot savory goodness that eases my hunger.
My shaves today are different. They have evolved into a ritual. Shaving has become a time in the morning when i can Honor myself and salute my face with a dangerous blade. The Straight Razor drips of testosterone (or maybe thats blood) and ensures the the beard is sliced off with the lightest touch and sharpest precision. It also exfoliates the skin better than most scrubs or face washes. A Straight razor shave allows your skin to breathe in a way that you've never felt before. It almost feels like when you go to the mountains and Breathe in fresh Air for the first time. You think to yourself
"Wow,This is.. So pure, So Clean. it almost hurts "

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effieliu said...

what a great post about shaving.