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Thursday, July 16, 2009

shaving designs.

blog written by Reyna (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
Wednesday evening at Hairroin we hold classes. We just finished a session styling segment.
Week 1 was all about organization.
Week 2 we picked out pictures for inspiration and then got paired into groups.
Week 3 we get to exicute the tear we picked and have a photoshot with our friend Tye Jackobs doing the head shots.
An old co-worker of mine found our education and has been attending the classes. It has been great to catch up with her after class. Hearing her talk about different ideas and all the inspiration she has found is amazing.
In talking about style and fashion and trends we picked up a free magazine. Prick from the tattoo shop down the street. Krystal pointed out the model and her cool pink leopard print on the shaved side of her head. "I would want to do something like that, but I don't know"
I said "why not, lots of people are going extreme A symmetrical, you can too".
Krystal works in orange county at a boring shop with no character so she was concerned about her stylist or clients not understanding the trend. After pointing out the mya from the sounds is rockin it. My girl Diamond Zoidal has been rockin it for years, we just shaved a diamond into her shaved spot, so cute. My receptionist Dani looks great with it too. So Krystal let me take a corner behind her ear and we tried out painting it zebra ish... I did not have any colors but cupcake and it looks a lil to skin colored in the picture, and the black stained the scalp a lil, it was fun. I really want to begin 'painting' hair more often. I really have fun trying to create something more artistic and layered.
If anyone wants a painting on there head I definitely need willing models.
Here are some pics. I need to excrement to find the right brushes and tools.
Hopefully I will be doing much more of this!

p.s. the pics are not the greatest the diamond I just had my cell phone, and my camera the flash is temperamental. I think you get the idea.

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