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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

summer facials.

blog written by Shondra (Esthetician and Manager at Hairroin Salon)
My favorite type of facial for the summer is the pumice peel. It is a "manual microdermabrasion" facial which leaves your face looking radiant WITHOUT the sensitive after effects of a chemical peel. It is a 6 step facial beginning with a cleansing followed by exfoliation using a pumice exfoliant. It is a very fine exfoliator which "buffs" the surface of the face removing all the dead skin cells leaving the face to looking vibrant. You then follow this exfoliation with a hydrating gel mask to add hydration back into the skin after it has been exfoliated. This is followed by extraction and massage and lastly an oatmeal based masque which cools down the skin and closes the pores. If you are looking for a relaxing treatment for the summer to leave you skin glowing, whether you are male or female, the Pumice Peel facial is what you need. This facial is also great for those clients who have discolorations that they would like to work on. Best results occur with a series of 6 sessions. For more detail contact Hairroin Salon!!

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