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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


blog written by Reyna (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
It is my cousin Victoria’s senior year in high school. So that means senior prom. I got a chance to do her hair and make up. We meet up the week before the event so I cold color her Hair and she could show me pictures of the styles she was wanting. I had to see pictures of the dress she was having made. It is a pretty peach color that she did not want to clash wish her auburn hair. So I did her color a cool chocolate brown with some lighter mocha pieces of brown and added some black low lights to add some movement to her layers. And I cut her hair too.
The next saturday I came over and did Victoria’s Hair and make up. I got this really cute rhinestone bow bracelet from the salon for her and we ended up putting the bow in her hair. I just did some soft curl, and pined half up. She just wanted a simple smokey eye.
Victoria looked so great walking out the door.
Victoria sent a few pictures She said she had a great time.


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