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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 minute eyes!

blog written by Kelli (assistant at Hairroin Salon) and Dalina (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)
(photo of some colorful makeup kelli did on Beatrice)

Dalina doesn't know how to do her makeup! All she does is foundation and mascara... Sometimes eyeliner.

So, thanks to Kelli.... We did a makeup tutorial and learned how to have amazing eyes in less than 10 minutes!!
Brushes!!! Kelli thinks that brushes are key when it comes to pretty eyemakeup. She likes the MAC 223 blender and any basic eyeshadow brush. Also, it is necessary to have a clean blush brush for allover blending.
First, start with a light base color. Any whites or off-whites. Brush it allover the eyelid, then choose your accent color. It can be used wet or dry if you want it more dramatic, mix it with your moisturizer. Then, choose a darker color for the crease. Use your blender brush in the crease in circular motions. Follow that by blending with your blush brush. Add mascara and you're good to go!!
Thanks Kelli!


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