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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding hair tips.

blog written by Janine (Owner and Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)
weddings!!!!!! I come back from a month away and that's my world. So I have 3! Count them 3 clients getting married this month

1.Scarlet Cherry
-a foxy red head /singer performer
2. Linda Strawberry
-lovely purple locks/singer song writer/painter etc...
3. Megaina Tovah
-leading lady brunette/ actress

So all these girls need there hair done for there wedding. And here are the guidelines I think every bride should follow
-something very you!!!!
If you don't normally wear your hair up don't choose your wedding day to start!
-stick with the classics.
You shouldn't be able to tell the year of your wedding. By your hair ( ya. Should have re considered the twists with butter fly clips early 90s)
- consider 2 looks.
One for ceremony and another for the reception that is more comfortable. I recommend a look that is swept away from your face for all the hugg, dancing, and pictures
-Stick with a hair color and cut that you will most likely have the most often thru your life time. And that flatters your skin tone best.

As for me.... I think I'm just gonna wear a pony tail!

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