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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shear Genius Season 3, Episode 2 tonight on Bravo! Tune in and Support Janine Jarman and Hairroin Salon!

Blog written by Janine Jarman (Owner of Hairroin Salon ) And contestant on Shear Genius 3

Don’t forget that tonight, Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 10pm on Bravo  (7pm if you have DirectTV) is Episode 2, of Shear Genius. I hope you enjoyed Episode 1 and also let me know what you think on my Janine Jarman Shear Genius Facebook Fan Page !!!! Also, you can catch me on Janine Jarman Twitter for updates on how embarrassed I am, haha. Also, twitter to Bravo’s Twitter and let them know what you think about me! I just hope I get the same support as I did last week on the Season Premier .

You can watch a sneak preview here at They also have a pretty a good recap of the first episode.

And a few other decent recaps have popped up it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the feedback. I am also a little scared to see how I’m portrayed! Should I care? Probably not. Life will go on. Meme and I will be watching tonight! You should too!

Thank you, Janine Jarman

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