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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shear Genius 3: Episode 4 Recap

Post written by mattfromotm.

Sadly, Adee ends up going home on this one:(  Shit is right...  However, as far as the short cut challenge, listen to this: had this to say about Janine's hair:

" Janine gave her girl a giant teased "fro-hawk" with a bunch of blue pieces of hair worked in with the blue flowers. Harry thinks it's kind of drag queen but likes it -- it's my favorite so far but that's, well, probably because it's drag-queen-esque."
Well, thank you very much:) We liked it too! Who says drag-queen-esque is bad? Janine took it as a compliment.

Shear Genius 3: Episode 4......the Elimination Challenge

I don't mean to get all "Adee" on it, but this screen shot gives no justice to the back.

I was going to go into this recap, but I just read and it was summed up perfectly, so I won't bother. Just click THIS LINK and get the scoop in detail.

HOTB Article with Janine

"Cute.  Maybe a bit too much height, but we liked the general idea...."

Thanks guys.  I guess that is a compliment.  When it comes to you, we will take what we can get!

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Clint Catalyst said...

Oh Dearest Janine Machine,

Check you out in that screen grab of you with your client!

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