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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adee goes home :( *$H!T%

I will post more on this when I have a little more time. But in the meantime, please enjoy the INSANITY!!!!

Anyone else in disbelief?

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Clint Catalyst said...

Janine Darlin',

Your expression in this "screen cap" alone is friggin' BRILL!

As that obnoxious beast--you know, the drag queen reject whose notion of attractive [COUGH! COUGH!] "daywear" consists of donning a gold lamé bathing suit with a pair of roller skates--is caught mid-gesticulation (doesn't she know she's supposed to be lip-synching Cher, for fuck's sake?),

you're giving up classic Hollywood glamour:

right down to the sigh of disgust which translates as "Bitch, You-Have-Got-To-Be-Kidding-Me!"


No matter what the outcome of this reality contest is,

for anyone whose taste level exceeds dated, faded Hollywood Boulevard $19.99 bargain bin satin-chiffon-and-faux-fur combo meals?

We already know who the 'Winner' here is.

Sending Mad Affection Your Direction,