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Monday, May 18, 2009

blog written by F. E. Liu (client at Hairroin Salon)
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my name is effie and im addicted to hairroin.
everybody, meet beatrice!!!!!

beatrice dejong is one of many talented hairstylists over at hairroin salon in hollywood, california. i paid her a visit today for a root touch-up, and as usual, she did a great job!

i think what i love about this place is that they are completely true to their mission statement. they have successfully created a “unique ‘un-salon’ environment” in which everyone is treated with personalized attention in terms of what is best for them. along with awesome hair experiences and hair products, they also sell hairroin merch (shirts, ties, and other stuff!) for the serious hairroin addict, as well as pretty jewelry and fancy hats.

i found this place over a year ago, when i was going through a hair emergency -- my hair was supposed to be platinum blonde, but it was yellow, orange, and rust, and i pretty much looked like a tiger!! beatrice fixed my wild animal hair, and i’ve been hooked on hairroin ever since!!!! ahh!! i love it!!! and beatrice rules!!

hairroin. get your fix. doooo eeeeeet.

1554 n. cahuenga blvd. hollywood, ca


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