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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dani Doom gets a tattoo.

blog by Dani (Front desk coordinator at Hairroin Salon)

Thats right kids! You know how i like to keep you all on your toes wether its a new haircolor, new funky haircut, super long extensions, or yes a NEW THROAT TATTOO!! I've gotten all of my previous work done back home in Philadelphia, so when i finally got the itch to get another tattoo, the next step was finding the PERFECT artist. Someone super rad, and who could perfectly match my new tattoo to the current tattoos i already have. Let me tell you, the search was well worth it! After coming up with a solid concept i was stuck on, I went across the street to True Tattoo, i was recommended to see Will " The Butcher" Card, from the moment we sat down and consulted i knew this was right! He sat down with me, asked me my ideas, showed me some concepts, and actually TOLD ME that one of the ideas i had he didnt like and it wouldnt fit the concept! THANK YOU, cuz now thinking back on it, i think he was absolutely right! So that night i booked my appointment, im not going to lie, i was a little nervous, i mean after all i was getting my throat tattooed! We spent awhile getting the stencil just right, then he did some free hand sketching, which i absolutly ADORE, to work. We started on the shoulders, up the neck, down the chest, then the part i was dreading my throat and my chin, was actually the EASIEST PART OF THE WHOLE TATTOO! Let me tell you, if any of you have ever seen me or my tattoos, you know im pretty heavily tattooed, and let me just say, Will has the most gentle touch, EVER, he made the whole experience a great time, we laughed and joked the whole time, took a few breaks, and he made sure to ask me about every hald hour 45 minutes if i was doing ok. So, my word of advice if youre looking for that perfect artist that will treat you like a client and not just an artist looking to make a dollar, go see Will over at True Tattoo! and while you're at it, come on over to Hairroin and see me and my AMAZING new throat piece! Check it out!



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