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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NAHA. texture.

blog written by Luis (Senior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I wanted to introduce my losing NAHA entry:

I entered the category of Texture. I Honestly felt that if I solely worked with a reversive texture I would at least get nominated. To my surprise; and from the looks of the current finalists; I need to use wigs. I needed to mount and attach different textured wigs together in order to create an unbelievable shape. Perhaps next year I too will wrap synthetic hair around picture frames, styrafoam cones and spheres. I figure its the only way to get noticed at NAHA. Gone are the days when you make semi realistic hair shapes out of hair attached to a humans Head.
In my entry I channelled a bit of greek mythology. I felt it was an excellent source of inspiration. I. Was immediately drawn Aphrodite, Medusa, and the Trojan Army.
I am currently working on some sketches that will serve as a foundation for my next NAHA execution.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

you were robbed, this entry is fucking brilliant. you are so talented! so glad i got to be a part of this project with you luis. <3