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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sarah donates her NAHA entry to a great cause.

blog written by Sarah (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I entered NAHA this year in the haircolor category. The concept for my color story was making crazy wild colors have a "natural feel" by creating a gradual transition from a darker shade at the base to a lighter, more faded hue at the ends. My models were great and really put their trust in me to take their looks to the extreme. Hairroin make-up artist Cambria Serrano worked her magic with them and made them look so beautiful, and the incredible Dana Maione is the mastermind behind the gorgeous lighting and photography!! I really really love how it turned out.

I was not chosen as a finalist in the contest however, so I have decided to donate my creations to someone who could really use them!

Amber Rose, the gorgeous model gracing the arm of Kanye West as of late, is a stunning baldy but come on, we are hairstylists. We can't help but envision a beauty such as her with some long flowing locks. We love her adventuresome style and obsession with spandex (must I remind you of our "Spandex Saturdays" promotion last summer) and I really think she can pull off the bright colors. So with the help of a little photochopping and WITHOUT further ado...

Enjoy Amber :) Damn it feels good to be a giver!

Special thanks to Christopher, love of my life, for the photoshopping skills ❤


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