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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sylvia Ji

blog written by Janine (Owner of Hairroin Salon)

Sylvia Ji is a kick ass artist! Sylvia just had a show sat night in culver city, the line was out the door! Rightfully so, Sylvia is a client of mine and a large source of insparation. i have a few of her prints and well as an original. i did a photo shoot with makeup artist, Noel Nichols inspired by her sugar skull foxy lady paintings.
Dalina from hairroin has a tattoo of one of her paintings. I am definately a fan of silvia ji... i love how she draws hair, captures the essence of a woman... and is just all around a kick ass artist! so do yourself a favor and check her work out

my photoshoot inspired by Sylvia Ji's artwork.

Dalina's tattoo

Hairroin Salon

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