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Monday, April 13, 2009

home sweet Hairroin

blog written by Marcy (Master Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I'm just driving home from my San francisco work trip. Aaahhh i5. So I work in San francisco for a few days every two months at a salon called cowboys and angels on union square. I love the crew there and the city is still an amazing place to me. You can dress however you like and even if you look crazy someone will give you a compliment. No joke. You can walk everywhere and you'll see something beautiful. I stayed with my friend michelle's in the mission. I got to drink coffee at fays video store and coffee shop and get croissants at tartine. Delicious! We ate at delfina and had bi-rite icecream. It doesn't get any better than salted caramel ice cream.
working at cowboys is always a good time. The stylists are really talented and fun to bearound. David just got back from australia and he was working with an agency doing hair and on vacation. I saw some pics - really cool. Brandi just started making hair oil for hair that is super dry and frizzy. I hope she makes enough for us to sell at Hairroin one day... I'm trying to talk some of the staff up there into working at Hairroin part time too. Spread the love I always say...the staff at Hairroin would totally inspire them and vice-versa. We do so many fun things at Hairroin that are not available in San francisco- such as magazine shoots, tv and movies. They would love it!

I miss San francisco- but i found a. New home down here in Hairroin... I'm glad I still get to tap into that one too...

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