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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


blog written by Marc (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

A client friend of mine by the name of Andrea, turned me on this article on how society is pinching their pennies in more ways than usual. Think about all the times any of us have spent in a therapist's chair venting, crying, trying to search for those answers to life and after a 3 hour session and $400 later, we ask ourselves is it really worth it? Well in these tough economic times people are turning to different alternatives to healing their woes. When women and even men sit in the chair at the salon they are getting more than just "getting their hair did." In recent months clients whether it be in the hair salon or at a day spa getting a massage, people are opening up themselves more than before. Whether its a relationship problem, work or finances we (hairstylists) are definitely a lot more aware of this recent trend. Personally I think its fantastic that clients are trusting us in the customer service industry with more than just an awesome hairdo, but of course whatever happens at Hairroin stays at Hairroin.


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