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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What inspires you?

blog written by Doug (junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I am amazed as to where one can find inspiration when they take a moment to look at the details that life in this world unfurls for us.
At times I get so busy and focused on my daily projects, chores and tasks that I forget to look outside of my "work" and life seems dull or even suffocating. By the time I finally realize my predicament I am burnt out and need a recharge of sorts to change direction and get things going again.
This is where inspiration comes in:)
Inspiration can lead us to many things and help us accomplish what we need to achieve. Sometimes it comes seemingly out of nowhere, other times we actively seek it to help us along. For me on this evening while driving home from Vegas, it's the night sky and great music that caught me by surprise. This is what I needed to unwind and to get back to "myself" and feeling grounded again.
Inspiration comes in many forms, be it music, nature, symbols of freedom, other people, movies, etc. It can lead to change whether it be politics or a new haircut or colour, but it doesn't have to lead to change, as is the case for me tonight. I know that life is full of things so cool, beautiful and wicked (in a good sense), the thing is, we must look.

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mattfromotm said...

Well written Doug. And I agree with you. Cannot tell you how many times that I have been awed at a Vegas sunset on my way in and out of that desert. Inspiration can be found all around us all the time if we keep our eyes open. I hope to see more of your posts on this blog, kudos.