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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling Great! (feeling gooood)

Blog written by Doug (Junior stylist at Hairroin Salon)

Alright, anybody that ever comes in to our humble little abode will get a shampoo from time to time. When I'm shampooing I often hear the words:"oh, that feels so good. I need to do this more often."
My reply is usually(and I feel that this is true) a comment on how we are so busy that it's hard to find the time to go and get a full massage and relax, and that the shampoos here should be a reminder that we need to "take" that time to relax, not wait until you "find" the time, cause it usually never happens... (and now our shameless Salon plug..):

Just last week we had our scalp treatment training from Rene Ferterer.
It involved using a certain treatment called Complex 5 which deep cleanses your scalp and activates your circulation. It contains essential oils of Lavendar and Orange and provides your hair and scalp with strength and toning. This treatment is a once a week treatment and is attributed to healthy new hair growth. And for most who have thinning or lost hair, Re-Growth as well. This is done as a three months on, three months off treatment.
But most of all you get a great "stimulating yet relaxing" scalp and shoulder massage topped off with a nice slow shampoo and condition, something almost everybody needs.
The treatments are very inexpensive, especially considering the "multiple" benefits. They also won't take up your
whole afternoon, morning or evening.

As always, I encourage everybody to take care of themselves(especially you too busy to stop but not-by-choice- workaholics)
Most of all I challenge you to make/TAKE an appointment with your stylist for this great benefit that we can provide for you. You will be thanking youself once we have our hands on your shoulders:)

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