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Friday, February 20, 2009

she's crafty...

Blog written by Robyn (Senior Stlyist at Hairroin Salon)

Today I walked across the street to Space15Twenty during a break to check out what was new and exciting at Urban Outfitters. After I walked around in circles for fifteen minutes, touching every pretty blouse and handling every pair of shoes I could, I finally made my decision. The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. What a wonderful idea. Three hundred sixty-three pages of easy, cheap and quick crafts. I decided to put one of these to the test to see just how bad-ass this big-ass book really was. I opened my book to page 9, Silhouettes. Beatrice and I then took profile pictures of each other with mini top hats(found at Hairroin Salon) on our heads with our salon camera, downloaded and printed them. We then cut ourselves out, spray painted them black and, voila!, we had our very own silhouettes. What used to take hours to accomplish only took up a quick lunch break. Our craft was such a hit that all our stylists decided to make one of their own and hang them all up at the salon. Way to go team! Turns out my purchase was money well spent!

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