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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Matt gets his fix!

Blog written by Matt (Friend of Hairroin Salon)

I'm a man. There is no doubt about it. I ride a motorcycle, have a moustache, like to drink beers, bbq, surf, skate, love the outdoors, don't like to ask for directions, and wear whatever pair of jeans on the floor that has my belt and wallet in it (sometimes those are the same jeans for a week or more at a time). No matter how "manly" you are, if you still head down to your Dad's local barber shop (5 cent gum included) to get your military fade on with a touch of butch wax then you are not just a man, but a very out of touch man. As a man I am very particular about a few things: my cologne, deodorant, jeans, shoes, my hair and the products that I use. I have very straight and thin hair. I have tried about twenty different products over the last ten years or so and never had much luck. Due to the texture of my cut and my hair type, my stylist (Janine Jarman) suggested that I use Davines No.4 Glossy Modeling Putty for my hair. I have been using this putty for about a year and have never been happier. It is very lightweight and extremely moldable while still holding well and a light fresh scent. Next time you go see your hair stylist, inquire about what products that work with your hair type and personal preference.

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