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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LAYN goal boards.

Blog written by Janine Jarman (owner of Hairroin Salon)

Sunday feb 8th. We invited the. Layn kids ( los angeles youth network) in to particapate in goal boards! About 20 somethin' kids. Showed up around 5 we had pizzas and sodas.

So we do goal boards with the salon staff at the begining of each year,
And this is the 2nd year we have done this with layn (Los Angeles Youth Network)

My mentor, Donna started doing goal boards with me about 7 years. Ago . They pretty much map out my path and are all leading up to todays goals.

1. A goal is. A dream with a deadline
2. Stick to 3 goals
3. Put #s and dates to them ! Get spacific!
4. Hang it. Up where u see it every day

We cut and paste from magazines, glueing visual references to construction paper.

And then everyone gets up and. Shares there goals, so we can help hold oneanother accountable throughout the year to better achieve there goals.
It. Was. A great sucess! Everyone participated and great goals were set!

Hairroin Salon

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