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Thursday, August 13, 2009

kelli's friend zac.

blog by Kelli (assistant at Hairroin Salon)

Hey Hairroin followers!!!!! i need your help! this is not a beauty related blog but just as important. my good friend zac was diagnosed with MS 2 months ago and is fighting for his life. his insurance has dropped him and he needs expensive meds to help him get better! He is an amazing person and is only 26 years old. please send your well wishes, prayers, thoughts whatever it is you do his way. there is also a bank account set up for him to help pay for all his medical needs. if you can donate anything it could help save his life., this is zac's support page go check him out and read his story. also check out to learn more about MS. I (kelli) will be heading home to do haircuts at his benefit. and in his about me on his facebook is the info to donate. and check out his myspace too, he is such a talented musician lets get that guitar back in his hand!!!!! thanks everyone for all your support and thoughts.


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