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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hollywood Life Style awards.

blog written by Janine (owner of Hairroin Salon)

getting interviewed backstage.

Sarah gives me a touch up backstage

presenting on stage

walking the red carpet

the Hairroin Team backstage

red carpet.

I had the chance to present an award at the hollywood life style awards. it was overwhelming, fun, and a first for me. Sebastian made hairroin a part of this special evening. Dalina , Sarah, Irene and Heather were back stage holdin down the gifting lounge. The hairroin ladies fixed allot of hair and made a ton of great contacts. we promoted halo mist ... a wonderful light weight shine spray made by Sebastian, as well as Sebastian's micro web fiber a new and fun product that adds texture and helps with your finished style, and of course, my favorite Sebastian product: shaper zero gravity light weightless hair spray love love love. hairroin Lady's spruced people up and handed out champagne Friday flyer's hairroin bucks and stickers.


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