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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janine gives Linda strawberry a purple do over and gets interviewed.

Hairroin Fix
How cool is Hairroin? Arguably Hollwood’s hottest salon, it’s our go-to source for the raddest fads. Owner/stylist Janine Jarman shares the newest of the new: gradient color. "What’s wonderful about this look is that it works for men or women, conservative or avant-garde. We take a dark base color and add or one two lighter gradients for a natural transition that looks so much fresher than the patchy color we’ve seen in recent seasons."

The technique is key: Janine and her staff use brushes- no foil- to add dimensional color from root to tip. "This works for more natural looks; for instance, a dark brown to lighter blonde- as well as for high-fashion looks, such as a deep purple to lighter purple for a modern, Eastside look. This transitional technique also works equally well for long or short hair, and our clients are loving the change from the cascade of highlights that were more prevalent last year." What’s more, "this works perfectly for our present economic situation; the gradient color grows out without the demarcation lines we see in perfectly placed highlights."

For men, the look is "modern military": short on the sides with a super-versatile swatch of hair up front. "This can be fauxhawked, slicked to the side, or textured with the right cut and product," Janine promises. Her favorite? Sebastian’s Professional Craft Clay, a remoldable matte texturizer crafted to naturally hold hair at the roots (and such an advance from the molding products of yesteryear).

Similarly, women can look forward to a "structured bob with a heavy, full fringe" (think Linda Evangelista’s current look). I like to call it a ’beachy bob," smiles Janine. "With this cut, the hair can dance between three levels of tone, with a much darker shade underneath for a thoroughly modern feel." For long-haired women, the best looks contains "exaggerated levels, with an asymmetrical cut: chin-length on one side, longer on the other, to best complement a woman’s face." Here, too, the gradient colors fades out from dark to light, with up to three tones if the hair is long enough for this very fresh effect.


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Cubic said...

What an incredible colour. It looks great on her. (Had to resist the pun, "It looks grape" on here.)

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