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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Night Classes

blog written by Doug (Junior Stylist at Hairroin Salon)

I just want to give Marcy Harmon (our master stylist/ teacher extraordinaire)
kudos on a great bob class last night.

A few of us in the class "tested" last night on our models. This means that after a few weeks of intense focus on learning a certain way of cutting a haircut through varying degrees of input and help from Marcy-we get to do the cut without the training wheels, and then have Marcy go through it section by section and critique our work with a final pass or no pass. The
3 of us came very close...but no cigar!

Upon checking my cut, Marcy could have easily overlooked one or two minor fixes that I needed to do to make my cut perfect. Proudly, I have to say that Marcy does not compromise the value and excellence of her craft! Where someone else would have buckled and let "good enough" settle,
she upheld her proffessionalism.
Thank you Marcy,
Your my Hero;)



Patricia said...

What is this next months class going to be?

Hairroin Salon said...

we are currently still doing precision bobs. a super perfect blunt cut one length under the chin. Next we'll be doing graduated bobs, which have a bit more of a stacked layered look.