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Monday, August 3, 2009

marcy gives kara a makeover.

blog written by Marcy (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)

My client Kara- who has platnium blond hair with extentions to her waist- was ready for a change. I have to admit I was a little nervous because doing a change on platnium hair= hard to go back if they are not into it. You really have to make sure they are ready. So kara and I have been talking about it for a while and I was sure she was ready for something big. We decided on a super dark brown with cool undertones. The dark brown before black. In order to make bleached hair dark you must add in the missing pigments- the ones you removed when you bleached it. I filled her hair with 5/6g(midway coutour) mixed with 1/2 each of gold, orange, and red super mix from color perfect. Applied this from the line of demarkation to the ends. Under heat for 20 min. Rinse. I applied 33/0 koleston perfect with 10 volume peroxide to the roots and 4/0 with 10 volume to the more porous ends. Beautiful! Super shiny and even. I replaced her blond extentions with the new
darker version and viola! She looks so awsome... It was a super fun project- sorry about the hair nerd formula included!


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