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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Beauty Must Haves!

blog written by Cambria (Makeup artist at Hairroin Salon)

It seems like summer has yet to arrive regardless of how many people are coming into the salon to get lighter hair color. Be it the weather or the economy, it just doesn’t feel like the heat is on. One thing is for sure- when the heat does hit you want to make sure your beauty bay is rightfully equipped.

Here are my top five must haves for summer beauty:

1. Facial Sunscreen. Sunscreen is more important than most people think, especially when the sun is closer to the earth during the summer months. Sun exposure in a car that is usually minimal can become an impromptu tanning session if you don’t protect your face with a good sunscreen. One of my favorite facial sunscreens is from a brand called Korres, called : Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30
A summer delight for broad-spectrum sun protection (UVA-UVB-IR). Watermelon-scented and rich in naturally occurring vitamins, carbohydrates, and amino acids, all working to support the immune system of the skin and prevent photoaging. Paraben free!

If the thought of using a creamy sunscreen on your face drives you nuts, check out Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral SPF 30. It’s a brush-on mineral sunscreen powder that’s translucent and free of talc! Whoopee!

2. Leave in Conditioning Spray. NO DRY HAIR! Sun, wind and pool/saltwater can all take its toll on your beautiful hair. Not to mention the threat it poses to colored hair. Davines, an Italian hair care company makes wonderful products that smell great and work even better. Hairroin Salon actually carries a wonderful product called Well Being Shelter by Davines, that you spray on and leave in to protect your summer locks from all of your fun in the sun. It can also be sprayed on the skin as a hydrating sunblock!

3.No crease, waterproof eye shadow! Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadow is new from the makers of the best-selling Eye Shadow Primer Potion. They’ve made yet another product that locks on to the eyes and never lets go until you want it to. Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadows come in 12 flirty colors with names like Asphalt (sparkling smoky black), and Weeds(silver green), and promise to be waterproof and crease proof for 12+ hours from the patio to the pool. I personally own all of them and LOVE them and the fact they’re whole product line is cruelty free! Layer them under powder shadows to make your lids really pop or wear alone for a sexy glaze of color that’s oh so reminiscent of disco days gone by. I recommend the shade Whipped, a gorgeous apricot gold that looks fabulous on all eye colors and skin tones.

4: Waterproof Mascara! If you guessed this one was coming, you get ten points for being a genius. Waterproof mascara is essential if you want to prevent what I like to call “crack head eyes”(the phrase is very Hollywood appropriateJ). Choosing the right waterproof mascara can be tricky- some are so clumpy that you have to wrestle them off at night, leaving your eyes chapped from the aggressive rubbing of make up remover. I prefer the not so goopy tar-ish ones. Fortunately there are options out there. There are several mascaras that are “tubing mascaras” that actually form silicone and fiber-based tubes around your eyelashes, giving them a waterproof coat of black that is easily removed by simply pulling the tubes off with a wet cloth. If you prefer the traditional formula I’d suggest the newest and greatest waterproof mascara from Urban Decay called Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara. The original non-waterproof version of this mascara is actually a favorite for beauty lovers and became so widely in demand that they created a waterproof version that boasts a paraben-free formula that is cruelty free as well! The enormously plush wand is what a girl needs to get sexy lashes that are as psychedelic as a mini dress. Add that and a formula that boasts conditioning hemp oil and you’re ready to party!

5. You didn’t think I was done yet, not without touching on the lips!!!! Lips are one of the first areas a woman shows her age. As we age, our collagen fibers in our deeper layers of skin break down and become, how can I put this….. worn out! This wearing out is what causes the full and plump look that our skin once had to begin to disappear. Sun is a culprit because it causes damage to those fibers and also can make our skin on our lips appear dehydrated. So always protect and moisturize those lips!!! Sunscreen infused lip balms are everywhere. Pick one up, and try to choose one that has a tint. One of my favorites is actually from a company called Tarte. Their 24/7 Lip Sheer SPF 15 are much like a tinted Bonne Bell chap stick with a grown up texture and kick of gorgeous color. With 9 shades, you’re sure to find one or two to wear this summer. Try my personal favorite- a peachy pink nude called Summer Fling!

Remember: Stay moisturized both inside and out. Protect your skin and hair with a good sunblock or cute hat! Wear a splash of waterproof color on lips, eyes and cheeks. To cut down on the skin cancer risk, try giving self tanner a go as well. Maybe that will be my next beauty blog…. “Get the Best Self Tan and Keep it That Way.” Hmmmmm……ciao!

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