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Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday's art show, Bye Bye Birdie

This Saturday Hairroin Salon hosts Vanae Rivera's first solo show in Los angeles.
here are some previous works by Mary and the Machine, and a little bio from the artist
Vanae Mary Rivera
a.k.a. Mary and the Machine

....Vanae Mary Rivera.... Landed with a thud in Santa Barbara by way of Salt Lake City, Utah. (not Mormon yet loved by Jebus) Grew up drawing on paper plates while making tea cups of foil. Conned her way into a one way plane ticket to paradise.... Her obsessive passion for graffiti and any flavor street are began as a teen and has influenced her current work. Her study of graphic design is only interrupter by invites to join in the swirl of art shows. Vanae prefers the raw rattle of a can, a few brushed of India ink and can be found in her warehouse studio, music on eleven, tearing into multiple creations at once. Branding her character Mary and the MAchine, the stenciled statement is true and engaging, well calculated yet straight off the cuff. Mary is on the rise and is showing up all across the globe. The wearable apparel is the slice of Rivera's expression that fans of M.A.T.M. walk away with... Approach with caution, small with sharp fangs..


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