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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

interview with Hollywood Life

blog written by Sarah (Master stylist at Hairroin Salon)
This past weekend was the 11th annual Young Hollywood Awards! Hairroin teamed up with one of the main sponsors of the event, Sebastian Professional, and sent a few members of the team to get several celebrities ready for the event, and to do touch ups on the stars backstage before they present, or receive awards!

For those of you who don't know about the Young Hollywood Awards, it is an event put on by Hollywood Life annually to honor up and coming young stars. Hollywood Life correspondent Sarah Howard recently interviewed our very own Master Stylist Sarah Merrie about the looks we would likely be seeing a lot of in hair on the red carpet at this event.

Check out the interview below OR visit 's style/beauty section :)

YH Awards Projected Hair Trends
HL - June 5, 2009 1:30:35 PM PDT

The Hollywood Life Young Hollywood Awards are Sunday (woohoo) and we've asked Hairroin Master Stylist Sarah Jenkins to give us the dish on what we'll be seeing this year on the starlets strands.

HL: What are the projected hair trends for the event?

SJ: I predict that we will be seeing hair mostly down at this year's event. Soft textured waves are in - that perfectly disheveled look that suggests a carefree effortless approach to hair styling.

HL: What looks will you be doing on which celebs and why?

SJ: This is difficult to predict as our celebrity clients have a strong sense of personal style and will definitely have their own ideas about how they would like their hair to look. Usually we will decide together on the day of the event how the hair should look depending on several factors, such as her clothing choices and how she will wear her makeup.

HL: How is Spring Style coming through in these looks?

SJ: This Spring's hair styles are mirroring the trends in fashion - in that they are very fresh and unstructured. Nothing seems contrived or too "fussed" over. Please remember however, that things are not always as they seem ;) That "perfectly disheveled" look does take some skill and patience to achieve, and great products to make it last! Personally I love the new Sebastian Professional Texturizer Liquigel. It has great hold but stays super soft and flexible.

HL: What is the hottest Spring hair trend of the moment?

SJ: Extensions! Because so many starlets are wearing their hair down right now, extensions are very common. The challenge in adding extensions is that even if you match the color perfectly, often the difference in texture and reflection (or lack thereof) are a dead giveaway! I like to prep the hair withSebastian Professional Trilliant to add shine and protection for any heat styling that I will be doing, and it helps the hair to blend seamlessly.

HL: How to take the trend from red carpet to real life?

SJ: There are many different types of hair extensions and you can get them to suit pretty much any budget. A great set of clip-in extensions can last you forever (or at least until you change your hair-color). Clip-in extensions are a great way to add length and fullness to your style and are easy to put in for a special occasion, or for every day. You can even use them to add color and give your hair a highlighted look without the commitment of coloring your own hair!

Check back on Monday for event beauty musts and busts.


*interview courtesty : link :\Beauty\20090606\YH-Awards-Projected-Hair-Trends.xml&cat=style&subcat=beauty&pcur=1&ipp=10&pageid=1#YH_Awards_Projected_Hair_Trends

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