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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hairroin's Healthy Hair Week - Day 3

We're in the second month of the New Year and hopefully your hair has been thriving in the harsh winter conditions. Now's the perfect time to focus on maintaining your hairstyle and freshness between salon visits. I have 4 great tips for you and I will be sharing a new one with you each day until Friday. Are you ready for Day 3??

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Perhaps you’re not ready for a full blown haircut but I’m guessing everyone gets to a point of annoyance with their hair before the usual 8-10 week salon visit. Are your bangs blinding you? Is the hair on your neck starting to meet your hair on your back? Are your grey hairs showing up unannounced around your temples? If yes, then it’s definitely time to seek help from your stylist. Believe it or not, seeing your stylist every 4 weeks makes the biggest difference to your hair, and how you feel about yourself. Why suffer those few extra weeks? Just make an appointment for a fringe trim or neck clean up, usually costing between $10-25 and you’ll feel renewed!

For regular maintenance on your hair, we broke it down on how often to see your stylist based on our client averages.

Fringe (a.k.a “Bang”) Trims: 3-5 weeks
Neck/Ear Clean Ups: 2-4 weeks
Short Haircuts: 4-5 weeks
Medium Haircuts: 4-7 weeks
Long Haircuts: 6-10 weeks
Grey Coverage: 3-6 weeks
Root Touchups: 3-6 weeks
Highlights: 5-8 weeks
Ombre touchups: Tone every 4-6 weeks

Feeling good and healthy in 2014 starts with how you feel about yourself and your hair dictates a lot about your style and personality. Make sure to keep it up to your new 2014 standards by visiting the salon on a regular basis. Your stylist is prepared to answer any questions you have about your personal maintenance.

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