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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hairroin's Healthy Hair Week - Day 2

 We're in the second month of the New Year and hopefully your hair has been thriving in the harsh winter conditions. Now's the perfect time to focus on maintaining your hairstyle and freshness between salon visits. I have 4 great tips for you and I will be sharing a new one with you each day until Friday. Here's Day 2!

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After you get out of the shower, give your self a nice pat-down, squeezing the excess water from your hair instead of violently rubbing your hair. Intense rubbing from terry-cloth towels can weaken the follicle and even make the hair snap or create a fuzzy cuticle shaft which will make your hair dull and brittle. Use a Wet brush, or similar detangling brush brand, to gently remove the knots and snags from your hair.

Before blowdrying, add a heat protectant to your hair to shield it from the forced heat. My personal favorites are Oribe Supershine light and Sebastian’s Trilliant which is designed to lightly condition, add ultra-light body and give you a smooth shiny finish. 

If you love to dry your hair naturally, add a light oil or milk to your hair to keep fuzzies at bay. My faves are Oribe Gold Lust or Davines Oi. Just apply a pump or two into your hands and add to your locks while they’re still damp.

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