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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be My Valentine

by Heather Rae Cheszek

Valentine’s Day comes every year February 14th and for some of us we are vexed with certain pressures when this beloved holiday sneaks up on us. Perhaps you just spent 3 hours at Hallmark staring blankly at an entire aisle of folded paper decorated with ribbons, hearts, and poems trying to figure out which card suits your sweetheart best. Maybe you ransacked Costco’s chocolate aisle and came home to open up your five-pound bag of mixed pink and red M&Ms only to have the bag explode like Mt. St. Helen’s all over your kitchen floor. Did you hint to your sweetie to take you on a trip to Hawaii or talk up that MIU MIU bag you’ve had your eye on, only to receive a box of cheap candy hearts that say oh-so-heartwarming statements such as “YOU ROCK” or “LUV U”.  In some cases, Valentine’s Day can be a pain but finding the right style doesn’t have to be!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you’re out toasting and professing your love with your sweetheart or going out on the town with your lady friends trying to find that mysterious thing called love, I’ve rounded up some sexy hairstyle ideas from Pinterest that will add a touch of romance to any situation.

Add a jeweled headpiece with Ruby accents like this one from beauxoxo on after blowdrying your hair with a volumizer such as Oribe Curl ShapingMouse and reapplying a dab more by scrunching it into the bottoms of your hair. 

Accent a messy nape knot with a silky red ribbon. On dry hair, mist a sea salt texturizer such as Sebastian’s Texture Maker into the hair. Gather dry hair at the nape of your neck and create a loose braid. Fasten the ends of the braid with a clear elastic. Tie the ribbon around the very top of the braid. Roll the braid into a bun low against your head and secure the ends with bobby pins.

Sweeten up a messy top knot with a big pink bow with a touch of gold. Start with dry hair and spray a volume powder into hair such as SACHAJUAN’s Volume Powder or Sebastian’s DryClean Only. Gather hair loosely at top of head and secure with a clear elastic. Lightly back brush your ponytail and wrap hair around itself creating a messy but structured knot and secure to the top of your head with a few bobby pins that match the color of your hair. Place bow right under the knot at the back of your head. 

Get a little retro with this adorable wired heart headband by beauxoxo on To style add a few drops of a smoothing shine serum into dry hair such as Oribe Gold Lust or Davines Oi. Divide your hair into 2 sections parting down the middle from your forehead down to your nape. Create low braids or if you’re really advanced you can create 2 French braids cascading down the back of your head. Tie the headband around your head slightly covering your ears and tightening the tips to secure.

Go pink this Valentine’s! Stop into Hairroin salon and we can do our very best to color your locks any shade of pink or red. For those who are looking for something a little less permanent try temporary chalks such as Bumble & bumble’s Spraychalk, Lulu’s hair chalk, or Sephora’s hair chalk.

For more great Valentine’s day hair ideas take a look at my Pinterest page or take a quick peek at my Instagram @hrae_hrae. XOXO

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