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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'What Goes Around Comes Around' 1-Year Anniversary In Hollywood

We found some great articles for the LA Fashion Week event that Hairroin Salon did at the fabulous store : What Goes Around Comes Around .  Hairroin did all the make up and hair for the live mannequins staged up in the front.

The below quote is from the article at LA.COm : 'What Goes Around Comes Around' 1-Year Anniversary In Hollywood :: Olivia Munn, Janine Jarman

"Hair and make-up on the elaborate, multi-model display was styled by WGACA's Cahuenga neighbor Hairroin -- a beautiful, pseudo-Victorian, Beetlejuice meets Anthropologie vibed salon owned by the adorably bite-sized and firecely big-time Janine Jarman (who's killing it on Shear Genius this season)."

Taryn, from writes in her article LA Fashion Week: What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage Fashion Show :

Photo from Taryn from

"As a Long Beach resident I am treated to totally fantastic and ridiculously budget friendly vintage fashion pretty much every time I step outside of my house. In fact, my favorite haunt, dubbed Retro Row, is a whole block of particularly amazing vintage clothes and furniture shops that is used quite often as the first pit stop for Mad Men set designers and costume designers. Being this spoiled makes it a bit difficult for me to get too thrilled about having to venture all the way to Hollywood for a vintage fix. So when I got the invite to the What Goes Around Comes Around Fashion Week launch event, I was excited, but not completely convinced it would be worth the drive. Boy was I wrong!!!"

Laurie Brucker, from wrote in her article What Goes Around Comes Around Hollywood celebrates it's one year anniversary
“I love the mix of plaids, leather, fur, a pop of a tiger-esque print and open toe booties. Then entrè into a Moroccan themed land of bohemia. Moroccan meets Native American, as Seth put it. The scene was exactly what you wanted with serious fashionistas, vintage lovers, and celebrities laughing, drinking, mingling amongst the to-die-for clothes.”

Laurie also took some fabulous photos:

Laurie Brucker
Laurie Brucker

See more of Laurie and her work at:

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