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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recap of Shear Genius 3 Episode 7

A great recap of Shear Genius Season 3 episode 7 is here at She Knows which is a reality tv magazine.

Taken from Sheknows:

"Judges Jonathan Antin, Kim Vo, Estelle and host Camila Alves are impressed with the style chosen, however, they were not impressed with Matthew’s client because you could see her roots. They said Brian missed the mark on his client, who Jonathan said looked like a heroin addict. Next the Judges ripped apart Brig, and she tries to stand up to Jonathan which was a big mistake, telling her he could have done her hairstyle in six minutes. Brian’s hairstyle was also a hit with the judges. However, there can be only one winner of this challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo. Janine and Jon are told to come forward by the judges as the top two contestants. Ultimately, Janine is chosen as the winner, which seems to happen alot. But this also means one person must go, and the bottom two are Brig and Brian. You can tell the remaining stylists want Brig to finally be cut. In a shocking decision, they decide that it is the final cut for Brian, who is sent home. I, for one, cannot believe that Brig is still in this competition."

We were really sad to see Brian go home.

Tune in next week!

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