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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keeping Your Color

Dye jobs can look AMAZING as soon as you step out of the chair, but without proper care, fading can happen quicker than you'd expect. Here are some salon secrets to keeping your color as long as possible!

The first most important is having a good color safe shampoo or a shampoo made specifically for color treated hair. At Hairroin we carry a bunch of different products that help prevent your color from fading. 

For example we have Orbie for beautiful color shampoo and conditioner or the Davines NouNou for color treated hair. But if your color tends to fade faster then normal we even have special shampoos with a slight tint of color to refresh your color every time you wash. 

Davines has a line of tinted shampoos and conditioner in three shades - one for red, brunette and a violet to keep your blonde as bright as possible. Also, we have a new line of conditioners called Fabuloso with shades to satisfy just about every color client. 

Besides using good products to keep your color fresh another good tip is to try not to wash your hair as often - when you do, make sure to use cooler water. The cold water closes your hair's cuticle making it harder for the color to escape.

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