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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Growing out a Pixie!

-Zachary Kilian

 After being inspired by the likes of Michelle Williams, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway. There's been a surge of daring young girls requesting dramatic short dos. Many go on to maintain the look for awhile, but for most they seem to hit a short hair wall and make the decision to grow it out.

The grow out process can be uncomfortable. And while you will need a lot of patience to power through it , you can take a few steps to help you along the way. You should schedule a cut at the beginning of your grow out to tighten up the back and debulk the sides, helping you avoid the bubblehead look as it grows. After initial cut, you should pop in regularly for neck trims, this will keep you from getting a mullet look and help maintain a more flattering shape. Also get creative with styling. Add a bit of texture or wave to change it up. Throw on a head band or strategically placed bobby pins to create a more dramatic look. Just remember to have fun with it and keep in keep in mind that your hair is constantly growing.

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